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Original Behind The Mike header art

The Behind The Mike Radio Program

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September 15 1940 announcement of Behind The Mike premiere over WIBA


From the Sunday, September 15, 1940 edition of The Capital Times:

'Behind The Mike' Begins Today at 3:30

New WIBA Program Tells What Goes On Behind Scenes

"Correspondence Corner," a special department in which questions from listeners will be answered by the Boswells of the air—the radio editors— will highlight radio's new expository series, "Behind the Mike," which makes its debut over WIBA this afternoon at 3:30.
Leonard Carlton, radio editor of the New York Evening Post, is the first of many radio chroniclers who will come before the microphone during the series to satisfy the curiosity of listeners who want to know more about what goes on behind their loudspeakers.
In addition to "Correspondence Corner," guest speakers chosen from the varied 'fronts' of broadcasting will appear each week to take listeners behind the scenes with vital and interesting incidents and stories which usually escape notice. Harry von Zell will explain how and why studio audiences are rehearsed. Ward Wilson, radio's "Beetle," will tell how he got the break that led to his "discovery."
Maestro Johnny Green and Song Plugger George Marlowe will let listeners in on how songs are "high pressured" into the hit classification. Wilma Gray, radio's number one fan, will be introduced, and the inside story of how Renfrew of the Mounted saved a young man's life will be told for the first time. Mort Lewis will write and direct the series, Graham McNamee will be master of ceremonies and Ernie Watson's orchestra will provide the music.

'Behind the. . .' programs were a popular staple of early Radio by the 1940s, a representative sample of which, follows:

1931 The Story Behind the Song
1934 The Story Behind the Claim
1936 Behind the Scenes
1938 Behind the Headlines
1940 Behind the Mike
1941 Drama Behind the News
1942 Man Behind the Gun
1944 A Song Is Born
1947 Behind the Front Page
1952 The Story Behind the Story
1953 Stage Struck
1956 Recollections at 30
Behind the Story [independent syndication]
The Man Behind the Masterpiece [independent syndication]

As Radio entered its 3rd decade, such retrospectives and behind the scenes programming answered a growing popular interest in the inner workings of Radio broadcasts, performers and their history. Behind the Mike, coming as it did just prior to America's entry into World War II, provided listeners not only an insight into NBC behind the scenes but into many of the technologies and practices behind most broadcast networks of the era

NBC Debuts Behind The Mike

Appropriately enough, NBC debuted Behind The Mike with one of NBC Radio's earliest and most prolific announcers, Graham McNamee. Along with Harold Arlin, Phillips Carlin, Norman Brokenshire, and Milton Cross, McNamee was one of Radio's pioneers, and with the others mentioned, one of Radio's most recognizable voices by 1940.

Commencing with it's premiere broadcast on September 15, 1940, Behind the Mike quickly lived up to its name. During its first 25 minutes on the air, it covered no less than the following six behind the micropohone stories:

  • Radio's Most Loyal Fan.
  • An NBC Page Boy that was also a major corporate executive.
  • A profile of Ward Wilson, Radio's 'Beetle'.
  • A profile of George Marlowe, Song Plugger.
  • Correspondence Corner (answering questions from listeners).
  • How Refrew of The Mounted helped a boy recover from a recurring coma

The following episodes continued in that vein. Teased as 'Radio's Own Show', Behind The Mike recounts some of the most fascinating human interest, technological, and historical aspects of both the NBC-Blue Network and Radio broadcasting in general.

Series Derivatives:

This Is The Truth; Nothing But The Truth
Genre: Anthology of Golden Age Radio Mystery Dramas
Network(s): NBC-Blue Network
Audition Date(s) and Title(s): Unknown
Premiere Date(s) and Title(s): 40-09-15 01 Radio's Most Loyal Fan
Run Dates(s)/ Time(s): 40-09-15 to 42-04-12; NBC-Blue; Seventy-nine, 30-minute programs;
Syndication: NBC Orthacoustic
Sponsors: Sustaining
Director(s): Edwin Whitney
Principal Performers: Graham McNamee, Miss Wilma Gray, Billy Livingston, Ward "Beetle" Wilson, Johnny Green, George Marlowe, Harry von Zell, Leonard Carlton, House Jameson, Johnny Novak, House Jameson, Johnny Novak, Harry Von Zell, Sidney Anthony, Jane West, Donald Dane, Doug Storer, E.I. Bragdon, Tim Healy, Janice Gilbert, Don Cordray, Mary Small, Robert Gunderson, Charlie Cantor, Sam Kaufman, Leo Linderman, Eddie Davis, Al Newman, Ken Strong, Joseph Marais, Milton Cross, Ernest Chappell, Bill Stern, Muriel Wilson, Betty Copley, Swede Larson, Joh. J. Anthony, Len DOyle, Georgie Price, Tom Kennedy, Haven MacQuarrie, Hildegarde Halliday, Ward Wilson, Minerva Pious, Jim Harkins, Earle Tuckerman, Harvey Hindermeyer, John B. Kennedy, Ted Slade, Ray Kelly, Agnes Davis, C.J. Ingraham, Jimmy Wallington, George Frame Brown, Irene Hubbard, Elsie Mae Gordon, Edwin Whitney, Addie Amore, Neal Axtel Blake, Dave Elman, Mary Small, Dinah Shore, Pat Kelly, The A and P Gypsies, Pick Malone, Lee Bristol, Olive Palmer, Burford Hampden, Stanley Harrison, Alfred Shirley, Henry Burbig, Linda Watkins, Marjorie Clark, Charles Webster, Nick Kenny, Lanny Ross, Jayne Cozzens, Clyde North, John McBride, John Brewster, Arlene Blackburn, Mark Smith, John Mitchell, Yoichi Hiraoka, The Mills Brothers, Fred Fennis, Cheerio, Ralph Forbes, Jill Esmond, Ward Wilson, Allie Lowe Miles, Henry Morgan, George Milnick, Sigmund Spaeth, Fred Turner, Katherine Seymour, Patricia Bright, Edwin Whitney, Carleton Smith, H.R. Baukhage, Patricia Lou Head, Robert Button, Jane Clifton, Ann Francine, Mort and Lester Lewis, Malcolm La Prade, Jack McBride, Herbert Lewis, Frank Luther, The X Sisters, David Gregory, Carlotta Dale, Ida Bailey Allen, Dorothy Hall, Jimmy Dorsey, Alan Drake, Genevieve Rowe, Red Christiansen, Joan Brooks, Jay Levison, The Singing Powers Models, Louis Katzman, Tom Powers, Milton Cross, Phillips Carlin, Tom Kennedy, Winnifred T. Barr, The Silver Masked Tenor, Godfrey Ludlow, Lee De Forest, Walter Compton, Karen Kemple, Frank Butler, Ray Guy, Juano Hernandez, Enoch Light, Jack Benny, Don Wilson, Al Simon, Alma Kitchell, Bill Rapp, Sylvia Foos, Bill Koblentzer, Irving Kaufman, Joseph Moran, Tommy Weber, Paul Wing, Sally Franklin, Arthur Boran, Lew White, Raymond Edward Johnson, Hollis Shaw
Recurring Character(s):
Protagonist(s): None
Author(s): None
Writer(s) Mort Lewis, Lester Lewis, Burr Cook
Music Direction: Ernie Watson and his Orchestra
Ernie Watson [Composer/Conductor]
Harry Horlick, Norman Cloutier, Jimmy Lytell, Paul Lavalle [Conductors]
Musical Theme(s): "Opening Theme", by Ernie Watson
Announcer(s): Graham McNamee, Ben Grauer, Tiny Ruffner, George Hicks, Gilbert Martin [Master of Ceremonies]
Charles Noble, Gene Hamilton, Gilbert Martin, George Putnam, Bob Stanton, Gilbert Mack, Don Cordray
Estimated Scripts or
Episodes in Circulation: 32
Total Episodes in Collection: 32

RadioGOLDINdex, Hickerson Guide.

Notes on Provenances:

The most helpful provenances were the log of the radioGOLDINdex and newspaper listings.

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All rights reserved by their respective sources. Article and log copyright 2009 The Digital Deli Online--all rights reserved. Any failure to attribute the results of this copywritten work will be rigorously pursued.

The Behind The Mike Radio Program Log

Date Episode Title Avail. Notes
Radio's Most Loyal Fan
How 'The O'Neills' Prevented A Divorce
40-09-22 Capital Times

Behind the Scenes Features Behind The Mike Today

How one of NBC's popular daytime serials, "The O'Neills," prevented a listener from breaking up a home and what a Pot O' Gold recipient did with his $1,900 broadcast bonanza will be revealed during the second Behind The Mike program at 3:30 today over WIBA. Graham McNamee is master of ceremonies.
E.L. Bragdon, radio editor of the New York Sun, will handle the "Correspondence Corner" of the broadcast.
Guests on the program will be Jane West, author of The O'Neills scripts; Sidney Anthony, a Pot O' Gold recipient of a year ago; Capt Tim Healy, director of NBC's Stamp Club programs; and Doris Sharp, who keeps tabs on the actors and actresses for the broadcasting companies. Ernie Watson's orchestra provides the music.

Cry Baby
40-09-29 Wisconsin State Journal
5:05 p. m. — Behind the Mike (WCFL): "Cry baby" of radio, Janice Gilbert, and blues singer, Mary Small, guests.
Charlie Cantor, Dialectician
40-10-06 Capital Times
Al Newman of "Newsweek" magazine, will be the guest answer man for "Behind the Mike," over WIBA at 4:30 today. In addition, Graham McNamee will introduce Ken Strong, pro football star; Charlie Cantor, radio dialectician; Leo Linderman, proprietor of "Lindy's" and Eddie Davis, one-time cab driver and now a radio gag-writer. Ernie Watson's orchestra supplys the music.
How to Cover A Football Game
40-10-13 Capital Times
BILL STERN, NBC sportscaster, will be introduced to "Behind the Mike" listeners over Station WIBA at 4:30 today, when he interviews Maj. Emery E. Larson, football coach at the United States Naval Academy, and gives listeners a summary of the preliminary work necessary to cover a football game. Graham McNamee, as master of ceremonies, will also present Joseph Marais, singer of South African songs, and Betty Colclough, radio editor of the New York Herald-Tribune, will answer some of the listener qusetions. The story of how radio brought the navy to the rescue of W.A. Robinson, yachtsman stricken in the Galapagos Islands, will be dramatized.
The RKO hour
40-10-20 Capital Times
The RKO hour, popular radio program of the late 1920's and the original Chase and Sanborn Tea program will be recalled during the "Behind the Mike" broadcast, through WIBA at 4:30 today. Tom Kennedy, vocalist, Georgia Price, Len Doyle, Haven McQuarrie, and Tom Brooks will be among those introduced by Graham McNamee. Ernie Watson's orchestra provides the music.
A Salute to Col. Charles T. Davis
40-10-27 Capital Times
A salute to the radio pioneer, Col. Charles T. Davis, originator of the old Colliers' Hour and the first person to adapt motion pictures for radio dramatization, will feature the Behind the Mike program at 4:30 over WENR.

Announces '
How A Man Makes A Living Dying on The Radio' and 'How Election Returns are Broadcast over Radio' as next
Making a Living by Dying [Pre-Empted]
[Previously Announced program on Election Returns pre-empted for Democratic National Committee Special]

40-11-03 Capital Times
4:30 NBC Democratic Committee WIBA
How A Character Actor Does His Stuff
40-11-10 Capital Times
Behind the Mike will let John Q. Listener in on a couple of famous radio stories when announcer Jimmy Wallington and Gilbert Mack, character actor, appear this afternoon over WIBA at 4:30. In addition, Agnes Davis, 1927 auditions winner, who later became an opera star; Don Cordray, announcer, and C.J. Ingram, radio editor, will be heard, with Graham McNamee as master of ceremonies.

Dave Elman and Hobby Lobby and a man who makes his living by dying as next
A Salute to Radio's 20th Anniversary
Making A Living By Dying
[ A Salute to Radio's 20th Anniversary; includes an excerpt from the previously scheduled program of 40-11-03, which was pre-empted]

40-11-17 Capital Times - Addy Amor, NBC page boy, will be among the headliners on "Behind the Mike," to be heard on WIBA at 4:30 today. Amor, author of three recent hit tunes, will be interviewed by Graham McNamee and will hear Mary Small sing his latest, "The Sky Without the Stars." Others on the program include George Frame Brown and Elsie Mae Gordon, stars of "Real Folks;" Milton Herman, actor; Dave Elman of Hobby Lobby; and Ben Gross, New York radio editor.

the story behind Harry Horlick and the A&P Gypsies as next
What It Takes to Become An Announcer
Dinah and the Truck Driver
40-11-24 Capital Times - The "Sound Effect of the Week," a new department, will be introduced on "Behind the Mike, through WIBA at 4:30 today. Pat Kelly, chief of NBC announcers, will tell what it takes to become an announcer, and Dinah Shore, singing star, will do the vocals. Harry Horlick, orchestra leader, and the comedy team of Pick and Pat also will be heard.
London Newscasts - Behind the Scenes
War News Mistakes
40-12-01 Capital Times - "Behind the Mike" will take WIBA listeners overseas and behind the scenes of newscasts from London, during the program at 4:30 this afternoon. Fred Bate, NBC representative in Britain, during an interview with Graham McNamee, will explain the work and preparation necessary for each overseas newscast. Lee Bristol, vice president of the Bristol Myers Co., will discuss radio programs from the advertiser's point of view. Other features include some famous "fluffs" of radio, and a salute to Frank Munn and Virginia Rea.
Auditions for 'Imaginary Invalid'
Musical Bridges
40-12-08 Capital Times
FOUR aspiring actresses will be heard as they audition for two lead roles in Moliere's "Imaginary Invalid" during the Behind the Mike program over WIBA at 4:30 today. The winners will appear in the Great Plays program next Sunday. Today's Behind the Mike broadcast will also feature an explanation by Maestro Ernic Watson of functions of the studio orchestra' Lanny Ross, radio and screen star; Henry Burbig, Graham McNamee and Nick Kenny, radio editor of the New York Daily Mirror.

a salute to the Eno Crime Clues program as next
A Salute to Eno Crime Clues
Radio's Dramatic Actresses
40-12-15 Capital Times
Behind the Mike will be heard over WENR at 3:30 today, presenting Ernie Watson's orchestra, Jack MacBride, Prentiss Winchell, Gertrude Warner, Jayne Cozzens and Graham McNamee as master of ceremonies.

the Mills Brothers and Cheerio as next
Profiles of The Mills Brothers and 'Cheerio'
Difficult Names
[Ben Grauer takes over for Graham McNamee for the following 3 weeks]

40-12-22 Capital Times
3:30--WENR--Behind the Mike

a salute to Roxy's Gang as next
A Salute to Roxy's Gang
Radio Almanac
40-12-29 Capital Times
3:30--WENR--Behind the Mike

Sigmund Speth, the Tune Detective as next
Tune Detective Sigmund Spaeth
Weird Prospective Guest Interview
[Graham McNamee returns as Emcee]

41-01-05 Wisconsin State Journal
3:30 p.m.--Behind the Mike (WENR):
salutes Tune Detective Sigmund Spaeth.

an episode of Harbor Lights and an actual actress audition as next
An Actual Actress Audition
Script Writers
41-01-12 Wisconsin State Journal
3:30--Behind the Mike--WENR

singer auditions and a salute to Cooks' Travel Talks and a human interest story behind Death Valley Days as next
Preparing for F.D.R.'s Third Inauguration
F D R Third Inaugural Ceremonies
[ Graham McNamee is remote for his portion of the broadcast]

41-01-19 Capital Times
Today: 3:30--WIBA "
Historical Inaugurations of the United States". Dramatized highlights of ceremonies at the Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Wilson and Roosevelt Inaugurations.

41-01-19 Capital Times
3:30—WENR (870)—Behind the Mike

41-01-19 Hutchinson New Herald
3:30p.m. Behind the Mike

a segment about Frank Luther and a salute to Death Valley Days as next
A Salute to Death Valley Days
You're My Dream
41-01-25 Wisconsin State Journal - Sunday 3:30--Behind the Mike--WENR

how a radio program is put on the air as next
How Behind The Mike Is Put Together
Putting a Program Together
41-02-01 Wisconsin State Journal - Sunday 3:30--Behind the Mike--WENR

a salute to Great Moments in History as next
How A Big Band Is Organized
The Lady from Oklahoma
41-02-08 Wisconsin State Journal - 3:30 p.m.--Behind the Mike (WENR): how a big band is organized.

a salute to The Eveready Hour as next
A Salute to The Eveready Hour
Character Actors
41-02-16 Wisconsin State Journal - 3:30 p.m.--Behind the Mike (WENR): tips on becoming a radio star.
How to Select and Promote A New Act
Comedy Broadcasts
41-02-23 Wisconsin State Journal
3:30 p.m.--Behind the Mike (WENR): beauty in radio.

41-02-23 Charleston Gazette
Beauty will step "Behind the Mike" at 4:30 p. m., when
three singing Powers models will appear on the program of that name. The dramatization of the week will feature Tom Powers (no relation to models agency), whose "Sketches" program is credited with starting a prisoner on a program of self-education

a salute to the entertainment pioneers of Radio as next
A Salute To the Pioneers of Radio Entertainment
Pioneers of Radio Entertainment
41-03-02 Wisconsin State Journal - 3:30 p.m.--Behind the Mike (WENR): a recitation of "The Shooting of Dan McGrew."

a salute to Whispering Jack Smith and how NBC grooms its child actors as next
How A Horror Program Is Put Together
41-03-09 Wisconsin State Journal - 3:30 p.m.--Behind the Mike (WENR): the story of "horror" programs.
An Actual Quiz Kids Audition
41-03-16 Wisconsin State Journal - 3:30 p.m.--Behind the Mike (WENR): an actual audition for Quiz Kid program.
A Tribute to Dr Lee De Forrest
41-03-23 Wisconsin State Journal - 3:30 p.m.--Behind the Mike (WENR): the telephone and radio.

another episode of the Eno Crime Clues program and Arch Oboler as next
How Not to Write a Radio Script in Hollywood with Lana Turner and Hedy Lamarr
41-03-30 Capital Times - WITH a short announcement to the effect that any opinions expressed on "Behind the Mike" are not necessarily those of the broadcaster, the program, or any prospective sponsor, Graham McNamee, m.c., will introduce Arch Oboler as the "Behind the Mike" guest at 3:30 today over WIBA and the NBC-Blue network. Oboler, known as the tradition shattering author-producer of Everyman's Theater, will deliver a short dissertation (and demonstrate) "How Not to Write a Radio Script in Hollywood with Lana Turner and Hedy Lamarr." The title sounds rather involved, but Oboler has the reputation for solving even more intricate radio problems. Another Behind the Mike story from life will be heard when Jayne Cozzens tells of resigning a staff position o the West Coast and going to the same broadcaster's New York office to audition as a singer. When she got to New York shw was offered a staff appointment and discovered that the job was the one she left back in San Francisco. Although Eno Crime Clues received a previous salute from Behind the Mike, other anecdotes from the program will be presented in compliance with listener requests. Announcer Gil Martyn, will dig into the mail bag and try to answer listeners' questions and Ernie Watson's orchestra will supply the music.
Exploits On the South African Veldt
41-04-06 Capital Times
Alma Kitchell, whose Brief Case program is a regular feature on the NBC network, will appear as the guest of "Behind the Mike" on WIBA at 3:30 today, in a dramatization of one of the outstanding incidents of her radio career. Nathaniel Shilkret will appear to receive the program's salute of the week, and Josef Marais, expert on native African music, will be heard in a discussion of some of his exploits on the South African veldt. Lester and Mort Lewis will outline the procedure in preparing a program for broadcast. Grahame McNamee will be the master of ceremonies, with music by Ernie Watson's orchestra.
How Do You Do, Ladies and Gentlemen
41-04-13 Capital Times
HELEN HIETT, 25-year-old European correspondent of the National Broadcasting Co., will tell some previously unrevealed stories of her experiences in Europe's war zones when she appears as the guest of "Behind the Mike," over WIBA at 3:30 today. Norman Brokenshire, memorable "How Do You Do, Ladies and Gentlemen, How Do You Do" announcer, will appear with Miss Hiett in a brief resume of his radio career. Others to be heard include Madeline Gray, conductor of the Bright Idea Club, Graham McNamee, Gil Martyn, and Ernie Watson's orchestra.
Juano Hernandez and A Tale Of Voodoo
Director - Star Relations
41-04-20 Wisconsin State Journal
3:30 p.m.--Behind the Mike (WENR): Juano Hernandez, Negro, spins a tale of voodooism.

how a dramatization of a jail break was produced as it was really taking place as next
A Dramatization of the1935 Alcatraz Prison Break
41-04-27 Wisconsin State Journal
2:30 p.m.--Behind the Mike (WENR): the story of how radio dramatized the 1935 Alcatraz prison break.
Jack Benny 10th Anniversary Interview
[ George Hicks subs for Graham McNamee]

41-05-04 Capital Times
"BEHIND the Mike" will really dish out some dirt this afternoon over WIBA at 2:30. In a special interview from Hollywood, Jack Benny, who later in the week will celebrate his ninth anniversary in radio, will face a verbal barrage from Don Wilson and have his entire life story spilled for all NBC-Blue network listeners to hear. While ordinarily the comedian would doubtless be restricted to another network, it was decided to relax regulations for this occasion in order that the Blue network audience might be able to find out just how much he does pay Rochester. Wilson, who is also in the "employ" of the comedian, promises to see what this and other questions are answered with a disconcerting degree of accuracy. Others to be introduced by Master of Ceremonies Graham McNamee are Enoch Light, orchestra leader, and Stewart Ludlam of the J. Stirling Getchell Advertising Agency. The salute of the week goes to the old Don Maizo program and Godfrey Ludlow, who appeared in that series, will be heard in rendition of "Estrellita." Ernie Watson and his orchestra will supply the musical background as usual and Gil Martyn will handle the "Answer Box."

how the National Broadcasting Company gets its news by short wave as next
NBC's Short-Wave Listening Post
41-05-11 Capital Times
The NBC short-wave listening post credited with many "beats" in coverage of world news, will have its previously closed doors opened for "Behind the Mike" listeners at 2:30 this afternoon over WIBA. Jules Van Item, supervisor of the listening post, will discuss the operations and function of the division in an interview with Graham McNamee. The salute of the week will go to Carson Robison, Major Weston, first comedian to "utilize" a studio audience, and Michael Loring, orchestra leader, will also appear.
True Amusing Stories About Radio
Amusing Stories Behind Radio
41-05-18 Capital Times
That sanctum sanctorum, a "script conference," will be aired on Behind the Mike, over WIBA at 2:30 this afternoon, with William Rapp, editor of "True Story Magazine," revealing the inner workings of the group. Salute of the week will go to Sylvia Froos, once prominent radio blues singer, and Alma Kitchell will tell how her program reformed a wayward boy. Amusing radio incidents will be revealed by Al Simon, radio executive, and Graham McNamee will fill his usual role as master of ceremonies.

Announces how
a songstress almost lost her sponsor because she lost her southern accent and how mystery scripts are written as next
How A Mystery Script Is Written
41-05-25 Capital Times
Charles Lanius, NBC representative in Berlin, will speak form that city and appear as the "guest" of Behind the Mike over Station WIBA at 2:30 today. In an interview with Graham McNamee, Lanius will tell the audience just how a radio correspondent in war-torn Europe operates, and promises to reveal some highly interesting "behind the mike" stories on covering the war and its repercussions. Others to be heard are Frank Wilson, writer, and Joseph Bell, director of NBC's Bishop and Gargoyle series; Alice Cornet, whose story of almost losing a sponsor through losing her southern accent, will be dramatized, and Frank Novak, who will accept the salute of the week. Ernie Watson's musical gang will supply the "balance" and Gil Martyn will handle the "answer box."
Behind-the-Scene Workers
41-06-01 Wisconsin State Journal
2:30 p.m.--Behind the Mike (WENR): Lee Wiley, Wythe Williams, plus behind-the-scenes workers.
How A Radio Production Firm Sells A Program
41-06-08 Capital Times - A BROADCASTER known only as "Rudolf," who operated an anti-Nazi radio station in Austria, will appear as the guest of Behind the Mike on WIBA at 2:30 this afternoon. Identifying himself only by his first name, as a protection against possible reprisals on his family in Europe, the broadcaster in an interview with Graham McNamee will give some of the highlights of his adventures in running the "bootleg" station. Joseph Moran, head of the commercial copy writers of the Young and Rubicam Advertising Agency, will appear to give a lesson in salesmanship, explaining the various types of "commercials" used in radio and outlining their preparation. Ed Wolf, New York radio producer, will be heard in a discussion of the methods used in building and selling radio programs. Irving Kaufman, known to earlyl 1930 listeners as "Lazy Dan," will be on hand to receive the salute of the week. Norman Cloutier will conduct the music.

how the broadcast by which English children speak to their parents is set up and a story behind South American Radio and a salute to chellist Jascha Bunter as next
The Story Behind South American Radio
41-06-15 Wisconsin State Journal
2:30 p.m.--Behind the Mike (WENR): background of the refugee children broadcasts.
How A Horse Race Is Broadcast Over Radio
41-06-22 Capital Times
Clem McCarthy, NBC turf expert, will reveal arrangements necessary to broadcast a horse race when he appears as guest of "Behind the Mike," over WIBA at 2:30 today. O.E. Hooper will appear in an interview with Graham McNamee to outline the methods used in determining the number of listeners to radio programs.
A Tribute to The Associated Press
41-06-29 Capital Times
Historic highlights of the Associated Press, from its inception in 1848, will be dramatized on Behind the Mike over WIBA this afternoon at 2:30. For this occasion the half-hour will be devoted to re-enacting important new feats of the AP. Kent Cooper, general manager, will be interviewed by Gilbert Martin. Among the episodes to be presented will be the story of how a lone AP man, of all the correspondents presents, was the only one to take down the text of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address; how an AP man died while covering Custer's last stand, highlights of the Russo-Japanese war, the famed "False Armistice" of the last war, and the Italian-Ethiopian war.

how a daytime Radio serial is conceived, how a Radio columnist gets the material he wrotes and a tribute to Jane Froman as next
How A Daytime Radio Serial is Conceived
41-07-06 Capital Times
The story of a Texas housewife who became a successful radio script writer will be dramatized on the "Behind the Mike" program over WIBA at 2:30 this afternoon. The heroine is Delia West Decker, whose latest serial, "Helen's Home," has just been purchased by a large New York advertising agency. And incidentally this serial will also be heard over WIBA starting Monday at 11:15 a.m. Another dramatization will be the story of Ann Sterrett, a "Bit" actress, who suddenly found herself a star when the lead on a "Cavalcade of America" program became ill.

Departs the air for a two-week vacation
'Truth or Consequences' Exposé
41-07-27 Capital Times
Returning to the air after a two-weeks vacation, "Behind the Mike" will present an expose of that side-splitting comedy riot, "Truth or Consequences" at 2:30 p.m. over WIBA. Ralph Edwards, the "Truth or Consequences" man himself, will go "Behind the Mike" to explain how the chuckle session is put together each week and the vast preparations necessary to assemble the questions and the consequences. Jerry Devine, who writes the scrip for "Reg'lar Fellers", will be on hand to explain how this popular cartoon strip was adapted for the air.
Phil Harris Tells All - About Jack Benny
41-08-03 Capital Times
Phil Harris, the band leader, will get his sweet revenge on Jack Benny this afternoon at 2:30 in the "Behind the Mike" broadcast over WIBA. For Phil is going to tell all: how a Jack Benny program is put together, how Jack gets all those laughs and just how big a part Jack plays on his program. It's not as vicious as it sounds, for, to tell the truth, Phil really loves the guy despite the badgering he takes from Jack on the air.
Title Unknown
41-08-10 Wisconsin State Journal
2:30 NBC Behind the Mike
How A Commercial Radio Program is Created
41-08-17 Capital Times
CHALK up another first for "Behind the Mike," which will go behind the scenes today--over WIBA at 2:30--to demonstrate just how a commercial radio program is created, auditioned and sold. For this program, Mort Lewis, writer and producer of "Behind the Mike," has created the mythical "Jones Mystery Flow Fountain Pen Co." as the commercial prospect interested in purchasing a radio show. A member of the NBC Sales Department will be on hand to impress upon the prospect why "Behind the Mike" is such an excellent buy. The program audition will open with a commercial by Capt. Tim Healy, broadcasting from the mythical Jones plant and telling how the mythical pen is manufactured. Fred Barr, NBC representative in London, will be heard by short-wave describing the behind-the-scenes work involved in trans-Atlantic programs. The sound effect of the week will be the "tell-tale heart" from a recent Inner Sanctum program. Sylvia Froos will be accorded the salute of the week as one of the nation's best loved blues singers, and seven of the funniest announcers' "fluffs" on recent programs will be reproduced. Robert Gunderson, blind radio operator who teaches the art to other sightless persons will be the principal of the human interest story, and letters from listeners will be answered by Gilbert Martyn; Graham McNamee will be the master of ceremonies, and music will be supplied by Jimmy Lytell's orchestra.
Rochester and Schlepperman on Jack Benny
41-08-24 Capital Times
NOT ONE, but two of Radio Comedian Jack Benny's most persistent hecklers will go "Behind the Mike" today at 2:30 p.m., over WIBA to torment the hapless Jack. The non-respectors of Benny are Eddie Anderson, better known as "Rochester" and the comedian's audaciously indolent valet and chauffeur, and Sam Hearn, who as "Schlepperman" has convulsed millions with his zany dialect and wisecracks. "Rochester" will explain how he has been able to survive these many years on midget or imaginary pay checks handed out by Jack. He'll also divulge how Benny's ancient Maxwell is held together chiefly by verbal persuasion. "Schlepperman" the dialect butcher, has a lot in common with Benny including the fact that both got their start as fiddlers. "Schlepp" also has a warm spot in his heart for Jack because Jack gave him his first big boost towards air fame. Jack heard the dialectician at a Friars Club frolic in 1933 and was so impressed by "Schlepp's" performance that he hired him for an air guest spot. Soon "Schlepperman's" opening phrase--"helloi strenjeh"--became an airlanes by-word. The salute of the week for "The Program You Loved" will go to Dave Rubinoff and his violin. Behind the mike will also present Keith Kiggins, sales manager of the NBC-Blue network, who will tell how programs are sold. Kiggins will give the "behind the scenes" low-down on what happens from the moment a new account is discovered until it signs up for a coast-to-coast spot on the Blue Network.
The Story of the Quetzel
41-08-31 Capital Times
Have you ever heard the quetzal bird? If you haven't, don't fret. You're in a class with the curator of the Bronx Zoo, various brass-hats at the Museum of Natural History and some of the country's leading ornithologists. The story of the quetzel and the frenzied search of the NBC sound effects department for a reproduction of his call is to be told on Behind the Mike, over WIBA at 2:30 today. The program also will present Bob Warner, who wrote the music for "No. 10 Lullaby Lane." Warner and Jimmy Lytell and his orchestra will demonstrate how this number was arranged to suit the styles of the country's leading name bands. The salute of the week to an old favorite program will go to Helen Kane, the original "boop a doop" girl. Herbert Little and Dave Victor, script writers, will demonstrate with John McMillan how leading stage shows are adapted for radio.
The Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street
41-09-07 Capital Times
BEHIND the Mike has at last achieved the aesthetic recognition it has been craving these many months. As guest of honor this afternoon at 2:30 over WIBA the NBC-Blue network will be the cultural Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street. On this epic occasion, the Basin Streeters are to be portrayed by an aggregation of stand-ins, formally known as Jimmy Lytell and his orchestra. The Lytellians, regular Behind the Mike features, will demonstrate the well-known Basin Street variety of musical tongue in cheek. Present in teh flesh, however, will be Morton Hellman, captain of garbage scow No. 13 of the Sanitation Department of New York City, well-known to patrons of barrel-house boogie-woogie and blues as the No. 1 fan of the Basin Street gang, and Dr. Jack (Giacomo) McCarthy, the Society's chairman. Keith Kiggins, sales manager of the Blue network also will be a guest on the program to explain how ntework time is sold to clients. Kiggins' appearance has absolultely no connection with the availability of both Behind the Mika and Basin Street for commercial sponsorship. The classic side of the program will be upheld by Ralph Dumke and Budd Hulick, whose new program, Studio X, at present is emanating from between subway trains underneath Radio City. By mutual agreement, the general background of pandemonium gone berserk has been omitted from Studio X for its Behind the Mike appearance and Dumke and Hulick will appear with nothing more than their voices to explain how their brain-child developed.
Radio Announcers' Fluffs
41-09-14 Capital Times
DALE CARNEGIE, the author and lecturer who knows how to win friends and influence people, will be one of the guest stars on "Behind the Mike" at 2:30 today over WIBA. Carnegie will tell of the proprietor of a small gasoline station in Boston who increased his business by leaps and bounds as a result of advice from Carnegie whom he heard over the radio. Benny Fields, Broadway's famous "minstrel man," will sing one of the songs which won him fame on the stage and at the mike. The program will be rounded out with the sound effect of the week, answers to letters from listeners, and announcers' "fluffs". Graham McNamee will be m.c. and original music composed by Ernie Watson will be conducted by Jimmie Lytell.
H. V. Kaltenborn's Reporting Experiences
41-09-21 Capital Times
H.V. KALTENBORN, NBC's noted news analyst, who once was captured by Chinese bandits, and who later made radio history by broadcasting a description of a battle in the Spanish civil war from a perch on a haystack, will relate some of his hair-raising experiences as radio reporter on Behind the Mike at 2:30 p.m. over WIBA. Edward MacHugh, NBC's Gospel Singer, will tell the dramatic story of the cheer and encouragement brought into the life of a 7-year-old boy by a flood of 3,000 letters from sympathetic listeners, after MacHugh told how the boy was blinded in an accident. Gilbert Martyn, director of NBC's announcing school, will be on hand to tell of the regiment which transferred his proteges into spielers of impeccable English. Welcome Lewis, blues singer and one of radio's old favorites, will offer a group of songs. Jimmy Lytell and his orchestra will supply the music.
Commentator Irene Kuhn on China
41-09-28 Capital Times
The thrilling experiences of Irene Kuhn, one of the first radio news commentators, will be dramatized on "Behind the Mike," this afternoon at 3:30 over WIBA. Miss Kuhn, now on the staff of the NBC Promotion Department as a special writer, began broadcasting in Shanghai in 1924, in a primitive station more or less thrown together by an enterprising American business man. Miss Kuhn gave her comments on the news of the world to an audience of eager listeners in isolated sections of China.
How The Quiz Kids is Broadcast
41-10-05 Capital Times
Behind the Mike will take radio listeners behind the scenes at 3:30 this afternoon over WIBA to demonstrate just how that amazing radio program, the Quiz Kids, is organized and broadcast each week. Participating in this spot from Chicago will be 9-year-old Gerard Darrow, the ornithological whiz of the Quiz Kids; 13-year-old Betty Swanson, noted for her snappy repartee on teh juvenile quiz session, and Louis Cowan, producer of the program.
A Demonstration of the Wright Sonovox
[ Gilbert Martin as Master of Ceremonies]

41-10-12 Capital Times
Paul and his "Spelling Bee" are returning to the air for a guest appearance on "Behind the Mike" at 3:30 this afternoon on WIBA. Wing and his spelling quiz session will receive "Behind the Mike's" weekly salute to an old favorite program. Josef Marais and his companions of the bush veldt will also be heard on the program. Augustin D'Olivares, a Spanish announcer in NBC's International Division, will tell of some u nusual experiences in his work of broadcasting to Latin America.
Spooks, Witches and a 'Cole' Black Cat
[ Halloween Special]

41-10-19 Capital Times
Spooks, witches and a "cole" black cat will give Behind the Mike a Halloween flavor on that program at 3:30 this afternoon over WIBA. Brothers Lewis--Morton and Lester--will present the old shocker "The Witch's Tale," with Alonzo Dean Cole, its creator, present in person to play the role of "Satan, the Cat." In contrast to all this scripted evil, Behind the Mike also will present some loveliness in Screen Actress Martha Scott, last seen in "Cheers for Miss Bishop," and her husband, Carl Alsop.
Broadcasting Under War-Time Conditions
41-10-26 Capital Times
William Hillman and H.R. Baukhage, two of NBC's ace news commentators, and Robert St. John, war correspondent recently returned to this country, will take listeners behind the scenes of broadcasting from beligerent capitals on "Behind the Mike" today at 3:30 p.m. over WIBA. Both Baukhage and Hillman will reveal some hitherto untold and exciting episodes of broadcasting under war-time conditions. Baukhage, now in Washington, has broadcast from Berlin, Basle and other world capitals since the start of the war.
Escape from Yugoslavia
41-11-02 Capital Times
So thrilling was the story told by Robert St. John, NBC newscaster on "Behind the Mike" last week, that he has been called back for a repeat performance, first in the history of the program, today at 3:30 over WIBA. St. John will star on today's program in a dramatization of his escape, while an Associated Press correspondent, with other newspapermen from Yugoslavia and Greece during the Nazi invasion. St. John still carries a couple of bullets in his leg as a memento of the occasion.
Stokowski On the Acoustical Reflector
41-11-09 Capital Times
Leopold Stokowski, dynamic guest conductor of the NBC Symphony Orchestra long known for his musical iconoclasm, will make an appearance on Behind the Mike, today at 3:30 p.m. over WIBA. Stokowski will be interviewed by Graham McNamee on his plans for forthcoming broadcasts of the NBC Symphony. Stokowski will discuss the "acoustical reflector" which he has designed for the NBC concerts as well as his radically new seating arrangement for the musicians, some of whom will have their back to the audience.
The Story Behind 'Vox Pop'
41-11-16 Capital Times
Listeners to "Behind the Mike," heard over WIBA each Sunday afternoon at 3:30 p.m., are among radio's most alert--and, most skeptical. Recently when "Behind the Mike" supposedly reproduced a recording of the voice of one of its guest stars, several listeners wrote in to inquire whether a recording was actually used. "Behind the Mike" was forced to break down and admit that a record couldn't be used because of a network ruling that the effect of a recorded voice was obtained by having the guest star speak into a filter mike while the sound man played a blank record to create the surface noise of a record being played.

41-11-16 Capital Times
A new feature--advance tips to listeners on forthcoming programs--will be auaugurated on "Behind the Mike" at 3:30 p.m. over WIBA. This new department, conducted by a leading authority, will keep listeners appraised of new programs in the state of preparation, new radio stars being booked for future appearances, and new program ideas in the making. In addition, "Behind the Mike" will present Parks Johnson and Wally Butterworth in the story behind "Vox Pop"; May Singhi Breen and Peter De Rome, the "sweethearts of the air," and Felix Knight, romantic tenor.
Mrs. Joe Taylor-Torrans, Songwriter
41-11-23 Capital Times
Mrs. Joe Taylor Torrans, of Texarkana, Tex., one of the world's most unusual songwriters whose songs, both words and music, just "come to her" and her daughter, Sharon, who sings these melodies, headline the cast for "Behind the Mike" today at 3:30 p.m. via WIBA. Others on the program are Alfred Dixon, professor of speech; Tibor Kizma, pianist and former musical director of the radio station at Quito, Ecuador; Arthur Boran, the mimic and Zelli and his orchestra.
The Story Behind the Weird Inner Sanctum Music
Impersonations of Famous People
41-11-30 Capital Times
Raymond Edward Johnson, sinister host of the "Inner Sanctum Mystery" program, and Lew White, who concocts the eerie background for the series, will explain how they conspire to chill the national haemoglobin on "Behind the Mike" today at 3 p.m. on WIBA. Announcer Howard Petrie will tell an amusing experience in connection with his work on the "Music Appreciation Hour" of Dr. Walter Damrosch and Hollis Shaw, better known as vivien in Phil Spitalny's all-girl orchestra will supply the vocals.

how telephone lines play an important part in Radio broadcasting as next
Telephone Lines In Radio Broadcasting
41-12-07 Wisconsin State Journal
3:30 p.m.--Behind the Mike (WIBA): telephone and radio.
41-12-14 Wisconsin State Journal - Today's game between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears to determine the western division champion of the National Professional Football league will be broadcast at 1 p.m. by WIBA. Winner of today's battle will meet the New York Giants, eastern champions, for the league title next Sunday.
How to Become a Sports Announcer
41-12-21 Capital Times
Bill Stern, ace NBC sportscaster, will reveal the secret of his mile-a-minute delivery on the "Behind the Mike program at 3:30 p.m. today over WIBA. "Behind the Mike" will give a capsule repeat for its air listeners of the ad lib program with which it entertained its studio audience Sunday, Dec. 7, when the program was blacked off the Along with operating on the general subject of "How to Become a Sports Announcer," Stern wil relate some of the interesting experiences he's had in his career, air by news of the Japanese attack on the United States Pacific possession. Participating will be Alice Remven, singer; Howard Petrie, announcer and singer; Ward Wilson, comedian, and Zelli and his orchestra.
A Salute to Dave Elman of Hobby Lobby
41-12-28 Capital Times
Again the cast of "Behind the Mike" will take listeners behind the scenes of important radio programs of the country and present stars of the programs to tell personal incidents which have happened to them in radio. WIBA will carry the program at 3:30 p.m. today. Among the guests will be Howard Petrie, Alma Kitchell, Lya De Lys and Dave Elman of "Hobby Lobby" fame.
Radio and The War Department
42-01-04 Capital Times
Ed Kirby, Radio Head of the Morale Division of the War Department will be featured guest on "Behind the Mike" over WIBA at 3:30 p.m. today. Kirby will be interviewed by emcee Graham McNamee on the varied aspects of radio to bolster morale and what steps the War Department is taking along that line. Other guests are Cheerio Charles Field; Fred Coots, songwriter; Ray Smeck, Wizard of the Strings; Ed Byron and Allie Lowe Miles.
AT & T Long Lines and Radio
42-01-11 Capital Times
Guests on "Behind the Mike's" program at 3:30 today over WIBA will be Isabel Manny Hewson, radio emcee; May Singhi Green, singer; C. D. Breed of Long Lines Department of American Telephone and Telegraph; Jimmy Lytell, clarinetist, and Ed East, Comedian. Each of the guests who have long been in radio work, will tell many of their experiences before and behind the Mike. Graham McNamee is master of ceremonies.
A Spotlight on Zulu Radio
42-01-18 Wisconsin State Journal
3:30 p.m.--Behind the Mike (WIBA): Josef Marais, Mary Small, others.
Creating Ellery Queen
42-01-25 Wisconsin State Journal
3:30 p.m.--Behind the Mike (WIBA): creators of "Ellery Queen."
The Story of Alistair Kyle
42-02-01 Capital Times
Alistair Kyle, young British evacuee who proved himself a radio sensation shortly after his arrival here, and who since has become a professional radio actor, will have a "Behind the Mike" story to tell on that program at 3:30 today over WIBA. Others to be interviewed by Graham McNamee are Dick Bird, writer of "Camera Trails" and Canadian broadcaster, and Barry Wood, radio singer engaged in selling defense bonds.
Swop Nite
42-02-08 Capital Times
"Behind the Mike" opens a new department today, when it will present Jack Miley and H. Alten Smith in "preview performances" of two new Blue Network programs. The program, heard at 3:30 p.m., over WIBA, will introduce Miley, new Blue Network sports commentator, and then Smith, who is scheduled to conduct "Swop Nite," a new honest-to-goodness "swop" show starting Feb. 14. Smith is the perpetrator of the best-seller, "Low Man on a Totem Pole" and writer of the syndicated column, "The Totem Pole."
Quiz Kids Defense Bonds Figures
42-02-15 Capital Times
Richard Williams, perennial top-ranking member of the Quiz Kids, will appear as one of Gil Martyn's featured guests on "Behind the Mike," today at 3:30 over WIBA. Williams, who has consistently won the Quiz Kids defense bonds awards, will toss off some figures concerning these bonds. In the "preview department" B.A. Rolfe, organizer and conductor of the "Daughters of Uncle Sam," a new all-girl orchestra, will discuss plans for his new program and introduce the Three Salutes, a vocal team fresh from the Southland. Likewise, Mary Small, star of the new program will appear.
The Story Behind Defense Bonds and Stamps
42-02-22 Capital Times
The new Jimmy Fidler from Hollywood program will be previewed during "Behind the Mike," over WIBA this afternoon at 3:30, with Fidler speaking from Hollywood. Others to appear on the show with Gil Martyn include ventriloquist Al Robinson and his little cowboy dummy, "Alkali Ike;" Capt. Tim Healy, Sidney "Mr. Guffy" Fields, and Al Hall, director of the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, who will speak from Washington on the printing of defense bonds and stamps.
A Salute to Station WAGE in Syracuse
42-03-01 Capital Times
LOVELY Madeleine Carroll of the blue eyes and golden locks who has put a palpitation into most of the male hearts of the nation will appear "Behind the Mike" today at 3:30 p.m. over Station WIBA, when the popular program previews another new Blue network feature, The Ontario Show. Miss Carroll, who will be guest star on the premiere performance of The Ontario Show on March 20, will appear today with Colonel Lemuel Q. Stoopnagle, ebullient and insane "inventor" who will be emcee of the Canadian series. Others scheduled for the program include Captain Tim Healy and Charles Mangnante. An outstanding feature of the program will be a salute to Station WAGE in Syracuse, N.Y., soon to join the Blue network as a regular outlet there.
Behind The Daughters of Uncle Sam
42-03-08 Capital Times
"Lester Lewis to the Rescue" might be the name of the program, but it isn't. It's the "Behind the Mike" story to be aired over Station WIBA today at 3:30 p.m. It's the story of how Merle Oberon's guest spot on "The Daughters of Uncle Sam" was filled on short notice after the actress took ill and left during rehearsal for the hospital. Lester, co-producer of "Behind the Mike," located and brought Douglas Fairbanks Jr., to the program just two minutes before air time. Others to appear on "Behind the Mike" are I.W. Clements, president of the Clements Advertising Agency, which represents the Moylan Sisters on the air; Joe Howard, and Josef Marais.
Behind the Cliquot Club Eskimo Program
42-03-15 Capital Times
With an itinerary that takes it from Modern Russia back to the old Clicquot Club Eskimo days of radio, "Behind the Mike" takes the air over Station WIBA at 3:30 today. Erskine Caldwell, nationally known correspondent and author of the recent "All-Out on the Road to Smolensk" will picture the radio broadcasting industry of the U.S.S.R. and compare it with the American systems. Capt. Tim Healy returns to relate the story of a man who found $10,000 worth of stamps through a radio program, and Harry Brener, xylophone player of the old Cliquot Club Eskimo program, will appear in a nostalgic salute to that old timer.
Tallulah Bankhead and Command Performance
42-03-22 Capital Times
Tallulah Bankhead will be the featured guest on "Behind the Mike" today at 3:30 over Station WIBA, when she appears to tell a behind-the-scene story of a role in "Command Performance." Miss Bankhead will appear with General F. H. Osborn, Chief of the Special Services Branch of the U.S. Army, under whose supervision "Command Performance" is produced. "Command Performance" is a series of recorded programs featuring outstanding guest stars which is distributed to short wave stations for broadcast to American forces in foreign countries.
The Blue Theater Players
42-03-29 Capital Times - "Behind the Mike" will preview two new Blue Network programs when it goes on the air today at 3:30 p.m. over Station WIBA. The Blue Theater Players, newly created repertory company of the air, will be the first to be previewed. The new group, including Frank Lovejoy, Joan Banks, Santos Ortega and Lindsay MacHarrie, will appear in scenes from their first scheduled performance, "There Goes Ichery Van." The second preview will be of "The Show of Yesteryhear and Today," a new series to be presented in cooperation with the United States Division of Physical Fitness.
Title Unknown
42-04-05 Wisconsin State Journal - 3:30 p.m.--Behind the Mike (WENR): Rex Stout, Tom Powers, Raymond Johnson, others.
Title Unknown
42-04-12 Wisconsin State Journal - 3:30 p.m.--Behind the Mike (WENR): Moyhlan sisters, Arthur Tracy, Capt. Tim Healy.
42-04-19 Wisconsin State Journal - 3:30 p.m.--Nothing But the Truth (WENR): new series; Capt. Tim Healy, Alex Dreier, others.

The Behind The Mike Radio Program Biographies

Graham McNamee
Stage, Radio, and Film Announcer

Birthplace: Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

1925 President Calvin Coolidge Inauguration
1927 Charles Lindbergh Coverage
1927 Jack Dempsey vs Gene Tunney
1927 Cook Painter Boys: Cook Paints (commercial)
1929 Cascade Tunnel Dedication Ceremonies
1929 Light's Golden Jubilee
1930 Coca-Cola Top-Notchers
1932 Atwater Kent Demonstration
1932 WCAJ Programming
1932 Jack Sharkey vs Max Schmeling
1932 Fleischmann's Yeast Hour
1932 Fire Chief
1933 WKBF, Indianapolis Dedication Program
1934 Primo Carnera vs Max Baer
1935 Chevrolet Musical Moments
1935 The Ed Wynn Texaco Show
1935 James J. Braddock vs Max Baer
1936 The Magic Key
1936 The Royal Gelatin Hour
1936 The Royal Desserts Hour
1937 Rubinoff and His Musical Moments Revue
1937 Monster Benefit For the American Red Cross
1937 Paul Whiteman's Birthday Party
1938 American Portraits
1938 Great Plays
1938 The Rudy Vallee Hour
1938 Messengers Of Peace
1938 Ninety Years Of News: The Story Of the Associated Press
1939 Rexall One Cent Sale
1939 The Story Of the Railroads
1939 Welcome Back To Jessica Drangonette
1940 This Is Radio
1940 Behind the Mike
1941 Defense For America
1941 The Treasury Hour
1941 NBC's Fifteenth Anniversary Party
1947 Hail and Farewell
1956 Recollections At Thirty
Graham McNamee circa 1938
Graham McNamee circa 1938

Graham McNamee at the mike circa 1924
Graham McNamee at the mike circa 1924

Graham McNamee on cover of Time Magazine from Oct 3 1927
Graham McNamee on cover of Time Magazine from Oct 3 1927
From the May 10th 1942 Edition of the Waterloo Sunday Courier:
Graham McNamee Dies of an
Infection in New York Hospital
     New York--(U.P.)--Graham McNamee, whose voice had been familiar to millions of radio listeners since the early days of broadcasting, died Saturday night at St. Luke's hospital.
     The 53-year-old announcer, who was a baritone before he chanced to walk into a radio station 20 years ago "just looking around," was admitted to the hospital two weeks ago.
     He had been suffering from the effects of a streptococcus infection since Washington's birthday, associates said.
     During his illness, until he was taken to the hospital, McNamee left his sick bed to attend rehearsals and broadcasts.
     Finally he became so weak he was unable to continue and died Saturday night at 6:50 p.m. EWT.
     He leaves his second wife, the former Ann Lee Simms, Broadway actress.  They were married in 1934.
     McNamee was born July 10, 1889 in Washington, D.C., where his father was a legal adviser to a member of President Cleveland's cabinet.
     The family moved to St. Paul, Minn., where McNamee studied music.
     Later he was a salesman for a packing company, but eventually came to New York to study music seriously.
     He sang in churches and in 1922 gave a concert at Aeolian hall.
     That May he was on federal jury duty and, during noon receses, wandered into the American Telephone & Telegraph building.
     He strolled into the offices of WEAF, looking curiously at microphones and other paraphernalia of the new-fangled industry.
     His voice was noticed, he was asked to speak into a mike, and an hour later returned to jury duty with a new career before him.
     He was an announcer.
     Along with Phillips Carlin, whose voice was so similar few listeners could tell them apart, he quickly became famous.
     His debut as a sports announcer came with the Harry Greb-Johnny Wilson bout of 1923.
     Thereafter he covered world series games and top football contests for many years, along with major news events outside the field of sports.
     He described Republican and Democratic national conventions, inauguration ceremonies of presidents.
     In recent years his principal activity was as a newsreel commentator but he maintained much of his radio work as well.
     It was estimated that his income over the years averaged about $50,000 annually.
     His first wife, the former Josephine Garrett, whom he met in 1921 while they were singing together in a Bronxville church, obtained a divorce from him in 1932.

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