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Original Screen Directors' Playhouse header art

The NBC Presents Screen Directors Series' Radio Programs

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KDYL Spot Ad for Screen Directors' Playhouse production of The Big Clock from July 8 1949
KDYL Spot Ad for Screen Directors' Playhouse production of The Big Clock from July 8 1949

KTSM Spot Ad for Screen Directors' Playhouse production of Magic Town from January 6 1950
KTSM Spot Ad for Screen Directors' Playhouse production of Magic Town from January 6 1950

WOAI Spot Ad for Screen Directors' Playhouse production of Tomorrow is Forever from January 13 1950
WOAI Spot Ad for Screen Directors' Playhouse production of Tomorrow is Forever from January 13 1950

WSYR Spot Ad for Screen Directors' Playhouse production of Mr. Lucky from January 20 1950
WSYR Spot Ad for Screen Directors' Playhouse production of Mr. Lucky from January 20 1950

WOAI Spot Ad for Screen Directors' Playhouse production of It had to be you from January 27 1950. Miss Rogers never actually performed in the production. She was taken ill. Joan Fontaine replaced her for the performance.
WOAI Spot Ad for Screen Directors' Playhouse production of It Had To Be You from January 27 1950. Miss Rogers never actually performed in the production. She was taken ill. Joan Fontaine replaced her for the performance.

KTSM Spot Ad for Screen Directors' Playhouse production of The Sea Wolf from February 3 1950
KTSM Spot Ad for Screen Directors' Playhouse production of The Sea Wolf from February 3 1950

WSYR Spot Ad for Screen Directors' Playhouse production of This Thing Called Love from February 10 1950
WSYR Spot Ad for Screen Directors' Playhouse production of This Thing Called Love from February 10 1950

WSYR Spot Ad for Screen Directors' Playhouse production of Incendiary Blonde from February 24 1950
WSYR Spot Ad for Screen Directors' Playhouse production of Incendiary Blonde from February 24 1950

WOAI Spot Ad for Screen Directors' Playhouse production of The Dark Mirror from March 31 1950
WOAI Spot Ad for Screen Directors' Playhouse production of The Dark Mirror from March 31 1950


From the August 26, 1949 edition of the Portsmouth Times: 

Radio In Review 


 Screen Directors' Guild

SCREEN DIRECTORS PLAYHOUSE is NBC's answer, I guess, to Lux Theater and Screen Guild Players, both prosperous ventures on CBS.

     The rehash of old movies doesn't necessarily make the most vivid of radio plays but there seems to be no doubt that it attracts listeners by the hundredweight.  And association with America's citadel of glamor lures the unsuspecting by the sheer weight of publicity.

     In this case, the association with Hollywood is even more tenuous than usual.  The screen director, who figures so prominently in the title, has very little to do with the program beyond appearing briefly at the beginning to explain why he thought, say, "Jezebel" was a marvelous picture--a rather difficult thing to explain--and later he bobs up again at the end to exchange banter with the star, an exchange that generally takes the form of a barrage of mutual compliments.

     USUALLY, THE SAME star that appeared in the movie shows up on the radio play, not all of them to great advantage.  The dramas themselves range from very good to very painful, a wide range.

     One of the best was "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House", with Cary Grant again discovering that dream houses are extraordinarily expensive.  It was a very witty piece on a contemporary problem.

     Also, Grant is one of the few actors as effective in radio as he is in pictures, possessing, as he does, a distinctive voice that could be recognized at thirty paces anywhere from Malay to Afghanistan.

     A LESS APPEALING selection for this program was "Jezebel" in which Bette Davis flared like a brush fire to the accompaniment of mid-nineteenth century sound effects.

     This was one of those things where a proud New Orleans beauty is appropriately humbled.  The picture, while something less than a masterpiece, at least made sense; the radio drama was cut so severely that I wasn't quite sure what happened at the end.

     But Miss Davis had one line in there that I'll always cherish.  She was trying to follow her former fiance to an island where she assuredly would catch and die of yellow fever.  And she said:

     "Let me make myself clean again."

     As a matter of fact, there were several other spatterings of dialog I was rather fond of.

     "I'll humble mahself befaw him," Miss Davis was heard to proclaim.  And later one of the 19th-century gentlemen remarked: "Ah'll apologize in the mawnin'--with lead."

     THE POPULARITY of radio drama is unmistakably on the increase and, I'd say it's a healthy trend, certainly a lot healthier than the giveaway mania.

     Just the same, NBC's program department, which has promised us some exciting things to replace those programs which switched to CBS, has yet to produce a bold or even a new idea.  Screen Directors' Playhouse is typical of all their replacements. 

     It's an imitation of several programs on, as the euphemism goes, another network.  In all cases, the imitations never have been so successful as the originals.  If NBC plans to regain its program dominance, this timidity is hardly the way to do it. 

     THERE'S A STORY making the rounds on Long Island to which I give little credence, but I'll pas it along simply as a symptom of the times. 

    A small boy, according to this yarn, rushes into his home and says:  "Mother, the Yardleys have the funniest new television set.  You just hear the voices.  No picture!"
(Copyright.  1949, New York Tribune)

The curmudgeonly Mr. Crosby, as usual, seems to find the most glaring wearknesses in virtually any popular Radio program of his era. In this instance, his points are well supported in many respects. As must be obvious from the RCA-sponsored run of Screen Directors' Playhouse, the directors for these productions were barely discernible in their promotional spot ads. The directors' names are in two to three-point type and the stars names are in 28 to 36-point type. Indeed, with few exceptions, the directors' comments during each production represented no more than a line or two of each script. The NBC Theater Presents series of Screen Directors' Guild productions between January 1949 and September 1951 were unmistakeably aimed to compete with the enormously popular Lux Radio Theatre and various Screen Guild Theater productions that aired during the waning years of the Golden Age of Radio.

And this, from the November 7, 1949 edition of the Capital Times:

 Directors' Playhouse 
     The RCA Victor division of the Radio Corporation of America will sponsor "Screen Directors' Playhouse" on NBC's full network starting Friday, Jan 6, from 9 to 9:30 p.m., Thomas McCray, NBC national program manager, announced today.
     This is the third network-built package to be sold by NBC within a month.  The others are "Dragnet" and "The Baby Snooks Show."
     "Screen Directors' Playhouse," which features Hollywood stars in adaptations of their film success, has been presented on Mondays heretofore.  Effective Nov. 11, the program will be broadcast on Fridays at 9 p.m., continuing on a sustaining basis until Jan 6.  Outstanding film directors will continue to select their best films for presentation on this series, which has proved to be one of the network's most popular dramatic programs since its start early this year.  A distinctive "Playhouse" feature is the appearance on each broadcast of the director of the original film.  Among the directors who have appeared on the series are Alfred Hitchcock, Frank Capra, Clarence Brown, William Wyler, and George Marshall.
     During its tenure on NBC, "Screen Directors' Playhouse" has presented a balanced ration of serious dramas, comedies, and musicals.  Among the films which have been adapted for the series are "The Best Years of Our Lives," "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House," "Music for Millions," "A Foreign Affair," "The Magnificent Obsession," "The Human Comedy," and "It's a Wonderful Life."
     The roster of players who have starred in "Playhouse" productions includes James Stewart, Cary Grant, Burt Lancaster, Bob Hope, Marlene Dietrich, John Lund, Barbara Stanwyck, Loretta Young, Rosalind Russell, Fred MacMurray, Fred Astair, June Allyson, William Powell, Dana Andrews, Lucille Ball, Dan Dailey, Mickey Rooney, and Charles Boyer.

NBC Theater Presents: Screen Directors' Guild Assignment

The NBC Presents and NBC Theater Presents initiatives throughout the Golden Age of Radio represented NBC's 'signature' productions. Along with their NBC University of The Air and NBC Inter-American University of The Air initiatives, the defining characteristics of most of these, for the most part, network-sustained productions were their quality, historical accuracy, and attention to the smallest detail.

The history and evolution of this type of programming also traces the exponential increase of commercial pressures working against NBC's network programming in the public interest. NBC's more noble experiments in educational, patriotic and historical programming over the years showed a marked decline with the advent of NBC's active involvement in Television. And while, to its credit, NBC continued its various educational programming initiatives in the new medium of Television, the late 1940s and early 1950s marked the end of such noble programming under NBC's Radio Division.

Series Derivatives:

NBC Theater; NBC Theater Presents Screen Directors' Guild Assignment; NBC Theater Presents Screen Directors' Assignment; NBC Theater Presents Screen Directors' Playhouse
Genre: Anthology of Golden Age Radio Film Adaptations
Network(s): NBC [Radio City, Hollywood]
Audition Date(s) and Title(s): None
Premiere Date(s) and Title(s): 49-01-09 01 Stagecoach
Run Dates(s)/ Time(s): 49-01-09 to 51-09-28; NBC [Radio City, Hollywood]; One-hundred twenty-two, 30-minute and 60-minute programs;
Syndication: NBC Orthacoustic
Sponsors: Sustaining; Hoffman Beverages; Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer; Chesterfield Cigarettes; RCA Victor; Anacin
Director(s): NBC Directors: Bill Cairn, Nat Wolff , Warren Lewis
Guest Directors: Max Ophuls, Alfred Hitchcock, William Seiter, John Stall, Lloyd Bacon, Lewis Allen, Mitchell Leisen, George Marshall, Henry Coster, William Wyler, Edward H. Griffith, Sidney Lanfield, Frank Capra, S. Sylvan Simon, Tay Garnett, Robert Siodmak, Hank Potter, John Farlow, William Wellman, John Berry, Leslie Fenton, John Ford, Malcolm St. Clair, Andre de Toth, William Dieterle, Robert Rossen, Irving Reis, Henry Hathaway, Irving Pichel, Alfred Werker, Michael Curtiz, Lewis Allen, Mark Robson, Arthur Pierson, Delmer Daves, Walter Lang, Albert S. Rogel, Alexander Hall, Lewis Milestone, Billy Wilder, Ernst Lubitsch, Michael Gordon, John Farrow, George Seaton, Garson Kanin, E.H. Griffith, Al Rogell, Henry King
Producer: Howard Wiley
Principal Actors: Stars: John Wayne, Robert Cummings, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Robert Montgomery, ROsalind Russell, Irene Dunne, Ronald Colman, Benita Hume, Edward G. Robinson, Marlene dietrich, John Lund, Dan Dailey, Loretta Young, Fred MacMurray, Bob Hope, June Allyson, Dana Andrews, Fred Astaire, Ray Milland, James Stewart, Charles Boyer, Lucille Ball, Fredric March, Burt Lancaster, Shelly WInters, Cary Grant, Maureen O'Sullivan, Gregory Peck, Tony Martin, Mara Toron, Alan Ladd, Ward Bond, Bette Davis, William Powell, Jeanne Crain, Mickey Rooney, Gary Cooper, Burt Lancaster, John Garfield, Dorothy McGuire, Joan Fontaine, Edmund Gwenn, Claudette Colbert, Ginger Rogers, Fred Allen, Betty Hutton, Jane Russell, Joseph Cotten, Kirk Douglas, Olivia de Haviland, Jane Wyman, Betty Grable, Broderick Crawford, Barbara Stanwyck, Betsy Drake, Tallulah Bankhead, Jeff Chandler, Irene Dunne, Ilene Woods, Stephen McNally, Nancy Olsen, Paul Douglas, Edmund O'Brien, Mercedes McCambridge, David Brian, Louis Jourdan, Dana Andrews, Rhonda Fleming, Eleanor Parker, Margaret Truman, Peggy Dow, John Lund, Joan Caufield, Henry Fonda, William Holden, Jane Wyatt, Loretta Young, William Lundigan, Debra Paget, Lyle Bettger, Gale Storm, Norma Shearer, Paula Morgan, James Mason, Pamela Kellino, Fred Astaire, Shelly Winters
Supporting Casts: Carl Harbord, Janet Waldo, Joe Grande, Lou Krugman, Paul McVey, Raymond Burr, Carleton Young, Dink Trout, Mary Jane Croft, Pat McGeehan, Verna Felton, Betty Moran, Dan Riss, Ed Begley, Herb Lytton, Joan Banks, Willard Waterman, Anne Whitfield, Barbara Eiler, Ralph Moody, Paul Frees, William Demerest, Betty Lynn, Jim Backus, William Tracy, Irene Tedrow, Norman Field, Barton Yarborough, Bob Bailey, Gail Bonney, Leif Erickson, Lewis Allen, Ruth Perrot, Virginia Gregg, Mitchell Leisen, Frank Lovejoy, Hal Girard, Margaret Brayton, Shirley Mitchell, Sheldon Leonard, Jack Edwards, June Foray, Ken CHristy, Donald Morrison, Henry Coster, GeGe Pearson, Herbert Rawlinson, Wilms Herbert, Joseph Kearns, Janet Waldo, Theodore Von Eltz, Gerald Mohr, Earle Ross, Howard McNear, David Ellis, Edward H. Griffith, Sharon Douglas, Jay Novello, Harry Bartell, Edwin Max, Bob Bruce, Florence Halop, Frank Lovejoy, Herb Vigran, Sarajane Wells, Sidney Lanfield, Georgia Backus, Hans Conried, Herb Butterfield, Joseph Granby, Vanessa Brown, John Dehner, Jeanne Bates, Elliott Lewis, S. Sylvan Simon, Lurene Tuttle, James Nusser, Wally Maher, Frank Gerstle, Gwen Delano, Sam Edwards, Tony Barrett, William Conrad, Frances Robinson, Willard Waterman, Ruby Danridge, Lawrence Dobkin, Gloria Blondell, Marta Toren, Paul McVey, Gil Stratton, William Johnstone, Jerry Hausner, Francis X. Bushman, Michael Ann Barrett, Parley Baer, Peter Leeds, Vic Perrin, James Nusser, Jack Kruschen
Recurring Character(s): None
Protagonist(s): None
Author(s): Robert Nathan, Ring Lardner, Tiffany Thayer, Damon Runyon, John Steinbeck, Billy Wilder, Arthur Miller, Samuel Shellabarger, Mrs Belloc Lowndes
Writer(s) Writers: Cornell Woolrich, Samuel Schellenbarger, Marty Howland
Adapters: Milton Geiger, Warren Lewis, Jack Rubin, Nat Wolff , Richard Allen Simmons
Music Direction: Composer/Conductors: Henry Russell, William Lava, Robert Armbruster
Musical Theme(s): Unknown
Announcer(s): Announcers: Frank Barton, Hal Gibney, Jimmy Wallington, Ken Carpenter
Hosts: Frederick Shields, George Sidney
Commercial Spokespersons: Bing Crosby and Bob Hope [Chesterfield]
Estimated Scripts or
Episodes in Circulation: 120
Total Episodes in Collection: 120

September 22nd 1951 Billboard review of 'Broken Arrow'
September 22nd 1951 Billboard review of 'Broken Arrow'
RadioGOLDINdex, Hickerson Guide.

Notes on Provenances:

The most helpful provenances were the log of the radioGOLDINdex and newspaper listings.

Digital Deli Too RadioLogIc


The eight misnamed episodes in wide circulation are pretty much par for the course throughout the commercial otr community at large. The inaccuracies, as always, stem from the various commercial otr sellers and dealers' cassette and CD catalogs--the worst imaginable source of vintage radio historical information. Given that most of the circulating logs and 'authoritative otr books' describing NBC Theater Presents Screen Directors' Playhouse and its derivatives all acquire their 'facts and details' from the same notoriously inaccurate and illiterate commercial sources, it remains no wonder that even a series as prestigious as Screen Directors' Playhouse is plagued with otr inaccuracies.

The situation is all the more absurd given the fact that each and every one of these one-hundred and twenty-two productions adapted prominent, well-established Film titles. There's simply no excuse whatsoever for the rampant misspelled names of these productions. And of course, as always, simply listening to any of the circulating exemplars provides all the verifiable information any genuine cataloger would ever require to get it right in the first place.

One of the chief characteristics of commercially derived program catalogs is the complete absence--or simply glossing over--of any and all preemptions or network missteps in scheduled programming. And though it makes perfect sense for a commercial vintage radio CD or cassette supplier to simply dismiss missing episodes without any substantiation, for vintage radio collectors, historians, and catalogers the accurate identification of such preemptions and missed broadcasts are absolutely essential to an accurate understanding and catalog of the broadcast history of a given program.

This simply continues to underscore the absolute folly of anyone in the vintage radio community who continues to employ any of the commercial logs of, for example, the Vintage Radio Place,,, or websites for authoritative information. Sadly, those are the very sources that the misguided leadership of most of the otr groups and organizations employ for their own subscribers. The race to the bottom of vintage Radio accuracy continues unabated for these very same reasons.

What you see here, is what you get. Complete transparency. We have no 'credentials' whatsoever--in any way, shape, or form--in the 'otr community'--none. But here's how we did it--for better or worse. Here's how you can build on it yourselves--hopefully for the better. Here's the breadcrumbs--just follow the trail a bit further if you wish. No hobbled downloads. No misdirection. No posturing about our 'credentials.' No misrepresentations. No strings attached. We point you in the right direction and you're free to expand on it, extend it, use it however it best advances your efforts.

We ask one thing and one thing only--if you employ what we publish, attribute it, before we cite you on it.

We continue to provide honest research into these wonderful Golden Age Radio programs simply because we love to do it. If you feel that we've provided you with useful information or saved you some valuable time regarding this log--and you'd like to help us even further--you can help us keep going. Please consider a small donation here:

We don't pronounce our Golden Age Radio research as 'certified' anything. By the very definition, research is imperfect. We simply tell the truth. As is our continuing practice, we provide our fully provenanced research results--to the extent possible--right here on the page, for any of our peers to review--or refute--as the case may be. If you take issue with any of our findings, you're welcome to cite any better verifiable source(s) and we'll immediately review them and update our findings accordingly. As more verifiable provenances surface, we'll continue to update the following series log, as appropriate.

All rights reserved by their respective sources. Article and log copyright 2009 The Digital Deli Online--all rights reserved. Any failure to attribute the results of this copywritten work will be rigorously pursued.

The NBC Presents Screen Directors Series Radio Program Log

Date Episode Title Avail. Notes
[Premiere of NBC Theater Presents Screen Directors' Guild Assignment]

49-01-09 Wisconsin State Journal - 7:30 p.m.--NBC Theater (WIBA): new series of film adaptations; "
Stagecoach," with John Wayne.
Let's Live A Little
49-01-16 Wisconsin State Journal - 7:30 p.m.--NBC Theater (WIBA): Robert Cummings in "Let's Live a Little."
The Exile
49-01-23 Post Standard - Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Plays the Lead Role in "EXILE" 8:30 NBC Theatre.
Mr and Mrs Smith
49-01-30 Wisconsin State Journal - 7:30 p.m.--NBC Theater (WIBA): Robert Montgomery in "Mr. And Mrs. Smith."
Hired Wife
49-02-06 Wisconsin State Journal - 7:30 p.m.--NBC Theater (WIBA): Rosalind Russell in "Hired Wife."
Magnificent Obsession
49-02-13 Wisconsin State Journal - 7:30 p.m.--NBC Theater (WIBA): Irene Dunne in "The Magnificent Obsession."
The Prisoner Of Zenda
49-02-20 Wisconsin State Journal - 7:30 p.m.--NBC Theater (WIBA): Ronald Colman, Benita Hume in "The Prisoner of Zenda."
The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
49-02-27 Democrat And Leader - 7:30 O'CLOCK NBC Theater--"The Night Has a Thousand Eyes" starring Edward G. Robinson.

A Foreign Affair
[Changes name to NBC Theater Presents Screen Directors' Assignment]

49-03-06 Charleston Daily Mail - NEW YORK (AP)--With a full hour to fill in its mid-Sunday night schedule, NBC is making temporary arrangements until a more definite pattern is worked out For the time being the NBC Theater at 8:30 is being expanded to occupy 60 minutes. Taking over at 9 where Manhattan Merry-Go-Round would up last Sunday. The drama will be "
A Foreign Affair" with Rosalind Russell, Marlene Dietrich and John Lund in the cast. On March 13 Henry Morgan and his new comedy show will take over at 8:30.
You Were Meant For Me
49-03-13 Wisconsin State Journal - 8:00 p.m.--NBC Theater (WIBA): at new time; Dan Dailey in "You Were Meant For Me."
Perfect Marraige
49-03-20 Wisconsin State Journal - 8:00 p.m.--NBC Theater (WIBA): Loretta Young in "Perfect Marriage."
Suddenly It's Spring
49-03-27 Wisconsin State Journal - 8:00 p.m.--NBC Theater (WIBA): Fred MacMurray in "Suddenly It's Spring."
The Ghost Breakers
49-04-03 Democrat And Leader - 8:00 O'CLOCK NBC Theater--Bob Hope in "The Ghost Breakers."
Music For Millions
49-04-10 Wisconsin State Journal - 8:00 p.m.--NBC Theater (WIBA): June Allyson in "Music for Millions."
The Best Years Of Our Lives
49-04-17 Wisconsin State Journal - 8:00 p.m.--NBC Theater (WIBA): Dana Andrews in "The Best Years of Our Lives."
The Sky's the Limit
49-04-24 Wisconsin State Journal - 8:00 p.m.--NBC Theater (WIBA): Fred Astaire in "The Sky's the Limit."
The Trouble With Women
49-05-01 Zanesville Signal
This is one week-end Ray Milland hasn't lost. He'll be on hand at the NBC Theater tonight at 9 o'clock, starring in "
The Trouble with Women."
It's A Wonderful Life
49-05-08 Syracuse Herald Journal
It's a wonderful Life," Frank Capra's film fantasy of two seasons ago, will be the NBC Theater presentation at 9 tonight on WSYR. Director Capra will set the stage for the play, which, movie-goers will recall, is a story of a man who wishes he were dead--and gets his wish. But there's a characteristically happy Capra ending.
Hold Back the Dawn
49-05-15 Democrat And Leder
8:00 O'CLOCK NBC Theater of the Air--"Hold Back the Dawn," starring Charles Boyer.
Her Husband's Affairs
49-05-22 Nebraska State Journal
NBC THEATER will present "
Her Husband's Affairs," starring Lucille Ball over WOW tonight at 8:00. Miss Ball will portray the meddling wife of an advertising executive.
49-05-29 Wisconsin State Journal
8:00 p.m.--NBC Theater (WIBA): Fredric March in "
The Killers
49-06-05 Syracuse Herald Journal
In the 9 o'clock spot on WSYR, Burt Lancaster and Shelly Winters will be starred in "
The Killers" on the NBC Theater.

Announces "
return to the air on Friday, July 1st."

49-06-19 Cedar Rapids Gazette
"NBC Theater" will become "Screen Director's Playhouse and take the Eddie Cantor spot on July 1.

Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House
[[Changes name to NBC Theater Presents Screen Directors' Playhouse; begins 14-week Summer schedule]

49-07-01Democrat And Leader
8 O'CLOCK NBC Theater--Cary Grant in "
Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House."
The Big Clock
49-07-08 Long Beach Press-Telegram
6:00-KFI--Ray Milland and Maureen O'Sullivan will have the leads in the radio adaptation of the "
Big Clock," the thriller aobut a press lord who murders a woman in a monent of pique. This mystery-film success is presented by the "Screen Directors Playhouse."
Yellow Sky
49-07-15 Syracuse Herald Journal
Gregory Peck will be back in his starring role in "
Yellow Sky," at 9 tonight over WSYR, on Screen Directors Playhouse. The story, set in the years after the Civil War, tells of six restless men led by a fellow named Stretch (Peck) in a series of adventures that includes a band robbery, and of Stretch's eventual reform.
49-07-22 Long Beach Press-Telegram
6:00--KFI--Pepe Le Moko, that French super-crook is back in the "
Casbah." Tony Martin and Mara Toron resume their original screen roles when this film is revived by the "Screen Directors' Playhouse" tonight.
49-07-29 Capital Times
Alan Ladd will return to the starring role of "
Saigon," one of last year's mystery-film successes, when the drama is revived in "Screen Directors' Playhouse" at 8 tonight on WIBA.
Fort Apache
49-08-05 Capital Times
John Wayne and Ward Bond will co-star in a radio version of the movie hit "
Fort Apache," on "Screen Directors Playhouse" over WIBA at 8 tonight.
49-08-12 Portsmouth Times
9 p.m.--NBC Bette Davis will return to her portrayal of Julie Marsden in "Jezebel" when the film story is presented in a newly adapted radio version by "Screen Director's Playhouse". "
Jezebel" is the drama of a high spirited, imperious New Orleans belle of 1850 who turns down a hounds-and-horses aristocrat because of her love for a banker. When the banker chooses a Yankee bride, Julie tries with every vixenish wile she can think of, to satisfy her longing and her hatred.
Love Crazy
49-08-19 Portsmouth Times
9 p.m.--NBC: William Powell will be the star on "Screen Director's Playhouse" when the bill is "
Love Crazy", an adaptation of the film farce he made in 1941. Powell's role is that of a man whose wife, through a misunderstanding, enters suit for a divorce. The plot centers around his pretentions to idiocy to delay the proceedings, his troubles with a lunacy commission, and finally his efforts to pass himself off as an elderly matron--all to regain his stubborn wife.
Appointment For Love
49-08-26 La Crosse Tribune
CHARLES BOYER will star in a radio adaptation of the film "
Appointment for Love" on "Screen Directors Playhouse" tonight at 8:00 on WKBH-NBC. Gale Storm will have the feminine lead.
Apartment For Peggy
49-09-02 Lowell Sun
Apartment for Peggy"; WRZ, 9.
The Human Comedy
49-09-09 Lowell Sun
The Human Comedy".

Program announces "
This Thing Called Love" for next week.
Whispering Smith
49-09-16 Lowell Sun
This Thing Called Love"; WRZ, 9.

49-09-16 New York Times
9-9:30--Screen Directors Playhouse: "
Whispering Smith," With Alan Ladd--WNBC.

49-09-16 Washington Post
WRC--9. Rosalind Rusell in the comedy, "
This Thing Called Love."

"Whispering Smith" announces "
Don't Trust Your Husband" for next week.
Don't Trust Your Husband
49-09-23 New York Times
9-9:30--Screen Directors Playhouse: "
Don't Trust Your Husband,"
With Fred MaeMurray--WNBC.

49-09-23 Freeport Journal-Standard
Four of the shows it developed as summer replacements are being retained by NBC to help out in fall scheduling. They include the Screen Directors Playhouse and Dick Powell's detective series, which are to be shifted to Monday nights.

Pride Of the Yankees
[Ends 14-week Summer schedule under Pabst sponsorship]

49-09-30 Syracuse Herald Journal
Gary Cooper, now being seen at Keith's Theater here in the movie "Task Force," will be heard over WSYR at 9 tonight, recreating his role of Lou Gehrig in "
Pride of the Yankees" on NBC's Screen Directors Playhouse.

The Senator Was Indiscreet
The Senator Was Indiscrete
49-10-03 Syracuse Herald Journal
The first production on NBC's Screen Directors' Playhouse in its new time spot (WSYR, 10 to 10:30) tonight will be "
The Senator Was Indiscreet," starring William Powell. "A Letter to Three Wives," featuring Linda Darnell, Paul Douglas and Ann Sothern, was originally scheduled for the broadcast.
49-10-10 Wisconsin State Journal
9 p.m.--Screen Directors Playhouse (WMAQ): Burt Lancaster in "
Criss Cross". Program announces "Pitfall" for next week.
49-10-17 New York Times
10-10:30--Screen Directors Playhouse: "Pitfall," With Dick Powell and Jane Wyatt--WNBC.

Announces "
Love Letters" for next week.
Love Letters
49-10-24 Long Beach Press-Telegram
NBC--Screen Directors Playhouse "
Love Letters." Program announces "Remember the Night" for next week.

49-10-24 New York Times
10-10:30Screen Directors Playhouse: "Love Letters," With Joseph Cotten
and OthersWNBC.
Remember the Night
49-19-31 Capital Times
9 p.m.--Screen Directors' Playhouse: Barbara Stanwyk in "
Remember The Night"--WMAQ.

Announces "
The Uninvited" for next week.
Broadcast Delayed
[Martin and Lewis takes Screen Director Playhouse day and time.]

49-11-07 Capital Times
9 p.m.--Screen Directors' Playhouse: Ray Milland in "
The Uninvited"--WMAQ.

49-11-07 Wisconsin State Journal
9 p.m.--Screen Directors Playhouse (WMAQ): Ray Milland in "
The Uninvited."

49-11-07 Oakland Tribune - 7:00 Screen Directors' Playhouse presents Ray Milland in "
The Uninvited."

49-11-07 New York Times
10:00-wNBC-Dean Martin-Jerry Lewis Show

49-11-07 Long Beach Press-Telegram
6:30 p.m. KFI—Martin - Lewis

49-11-07 Long Beach Press-Telegram

Changes in Some National Programs Made Tonight


NEW YORK, Nov. 7 (AP) Changes in teh N.B.C. radio schedule occasioned by the transfer of We the People from C.B.S. to its Friday listis reflicted in tonight's operations. Comedians Martin and Lewis, who had a Friday time and temporarily were without a new spot, are taking Monday's spot, from which Screen Directors Playhouse is moving. The playhouse is shifting to Friday, ex-time of Dr. I.Q. Now on A.B.C. Wednesday nights effective this week in preparation to adding a sponsor after the first of the year. The play, "The Uninvited" with Ray Miland, as already scheduled will be put on then

49-11-07 Chicago Tribune
9:00-WMAQ-Dean Martin-Jerry Lewis Show

49-11-07 Washington Post
WRC-10. Ray Milland in "
The Uninvited."

Body and Soul
[Moves from Monday to Friday]

49-11-11 Daily Mail
NBC 10 Screen Directors Playhouse in its new time after a switch from Monday,
the play having been changed to "Body and Soul" with John Garfield, in place of "The Uninvited."

49-11-11 Lowell Sun - SCREEN DIRECTORS PLAYHOUSE, new time. "
Body and Soul," starring John Garfield. WBZ, 10:30.

Announces "
The Uninvited" for next week.
The Uninvited
49-11-18 New York Times
10-10:30--Screen Directors Playhouse: "
The Uninvited," With Ray Milland--WNBC.

49-11-18 Wisconsin State Journal
9 p. m.—Screen Directors Playhouse
(W1BA): "
The Uninvited," with Ray Mllland.

Announces "
The Spiral Staircase" for next week.
The Spiral Staircase
49-11-25 Syracuse Herald Journal
SCREEN STAR DOROTHY MCGUIRE wil recreate her original screen role in an adaptatin of "
The Spiral Staircase" on NBC's Screen Director's Playhouse over WSYR at 10 tonight. Director Robert Siodmak will set the stage for the dramatizatin.
All My Sons
49-12-02 San Antonio Express - EDWARD G. ROBINSON WILL RECREATE HIS ORIGINAL ROLE IN "ALL MY SONS," when NBC's "Screen Director's Playhouse" presents an adaptationof the film Friday. Jeff Chandler will be feature, and Irving Reis, who directed the film, will be commentator. The Arthur Miller work was filmed successfully after a long Broadway stage run. It tells the story of a war profiteer whose shoddiness proves a boomerang. WOAI--9 P.M.
Call NOrthside 777
49-12-09 San Antonio Express - JAMES STEWART WILL BE THE STAR OF NBC'S "Screen Directors' Playhouse" Friday, when the program presents an adaptationof "Call Northside 777." The semi-documentary locale film, released last year, was based on the true story of a Chicagoan charged in 1932 with the murder of a policeman and sentenced to 99 years in Stateville Penitentiary. He was cleared almost 13 years later through the efforts of his mother and a reporter for the Chicago Times. Stewart's role is that of the Reporter. Henry Hathaway, who directed the film, will be commentator for the radio adaptation. Hathaway also has directed several other documentary-type films, including "The House on 92nd Street," "13 Rue Madeleine" and "Kiss of Death." WOAI--9 P.M.
The Affairs Of Susan
49-12-16 Syracuse Herald Journal - Screen actress Joan Fontaine will play the lead in the NBC Screen Directors' Playhosue adaptation of "The Affairs of Susan" on WSYR at 10 tonight.
Miracle On 34th Street
49-12-23 Long Beach Press-Telegram - 7:00--KFI--Five hundred underprivileged guests will witness the "Screen Directors Playhouse" presentation of "The Miracle of 34th Street," when Edmund Gwenn will play Santa Claus to the real children by distributing presents to his young audience.
One Way Passage
49-12-30 Long Beach Press-Telegram - 7:00--KFI--William Powell recreates hisoriginal role in "One Way Passage" for Screen Directors Playhouse." This is the story of an escaped convict and a woman, who is mortally ill, who meet and fall in love during a journey home from the Far East.
Magic Town
50-01-06 Capital Times - 8 p.m.--Screen Directors Playhouse: on new schedule: James Stewart in "Magic Town"--WIBA.
Tomorrow Is Forever
50-01-13 Capital Times - Claudette Colbert will star in "Tomorrow Is Forever" as the "Screen Directors' Playhouse" presentation over WIBA and WIBA-FM at 8 tonight. The story, filmed in 1946, tells of a young woman who believes that her husband was killed in World War I. After long mourning, she reluctantly remarries, only to have her first husband return to the U.S. with a foster-daughter.
Mr Lucky
50-01-20Syracuse Herald Journal - CARY GRANT will return to the role of the draft-dodging gambler in "Mr. Lucky" on NBC's Screen Directors' Playhouse on WSYR at 9 o'clock tonight. Mr. Lucky, while posing to help out with war relief, is adept at fleecing Manhattan socialities and persuades an heiress to give him a gambling concession in a relief ball.
It Had To Be You
50-01-27 La Crosse Tribune - GINGER ROGERS will be back in the star role of "It Had To Be You" when the comedy is presented on WKBH-NBC tonight. The radio adaptation of the hit film about a millionaire's daughter who has run out on three bridegrooms will be heard on Screen Directors Playhouse at 9:00.
The Sea Wolf
50-02-03 San Antonio Light - The Screen Directors Playhouse will present a radio adaptationof "The Sea Wolf" starring Edward G. Robinson. (WOAI, 8 p.m.)
This Thing Called Love
50-02-10 San Antonio Light - Rosalind Russell will star on "This Thing Called Love" on Screen Director's Playhouse. (WOAI, 8 p.m.)
It's In the Bag
50-02-17 Lowell Sun - SCREEN DIRECTORS' PLAYHOUSE: Fred Allen is a fortune-hunting barker for flea circus in "It's In the Bag"; WBZ, 9:00.
Incendiary Blonde
50-02-24 Capital Times - 8 p.m.--Screen Directors' Playhouse: Betty Hutton in "Incendiary Blonde"--WIBA.

50-02-24 Long Beach Press-Telegram
6:00—KFI—The somewhat fictionalized record of the life and raucous times of the late Texas Guinan is the story behind "Incendiary Blonde." . . . Betty Hutton very ably recreates her original screen role, a synthesis of song, dance and melodrama
The Paleface
50-03-03 Syracuse Herald Journal - BOB HOPE and Jane Russell will play their original roles in "The Paleface" on NBC's Screen Directors' Playhouse over WSYR at 9 tonight. Hope portrays an itinerant, chicken-livered dentist and Miss Russell plays two-gun cowgirl Calamity Jane.
Portrait Of Jenny
50-03-10 Long Beach Press-Telegram
6:00--KFI--Joseph Cotton will play his original role in "
Portrait of Jenny" when this whimsical fantasy is dramatized on "Screen Directors Playhouse." This is the story of a young painter who falls in love with Jenny...although she has been dead for years, she goes right on popping in and out of his life.
50-03-17 Syracuse Herald Journal
KIRK DOUGLAS will recreate his original screen role in "
Champion" on NBC's Screen Directors' Playhouse over WSYR at 9 tonight.
Chicago Deadline
50-03-24 Portsmouth Times
9 p.m.--NBC: Alan Ladd steps back into his reporter role in "
Chicago Deadline" when the "Screen Directors' Playhouse" presents an adaptation of the film. This is the story of a sentimental reporter who finds a pretty girl dead in a sleazy hotel, and is moved to track down the people in her address book and find out how she came to her sordid end.
The Dark Mirror
50-03-31 Syracuse Herald Journal - Olivia DeHaviland will star in "The Dark Mirror" on N.B.C.'s Screen Directors' Playhouse over WSYR at 9 tonight, an adaptationof the film in which she starred three seasons ago.
The Fighting O'Flynn
50-04-07 Capital Times
8 p.m.--Screen Directors Playhouse: Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., in "
The Fighting O'Flynn."
It Happens Every Spring
50-04-14 Syracuse Herald Journal - Ray Milland will star in an adaptation of "It Happens Every Spring" on the NBC Screen Directors' Playhouse tonight.
A Kiss In the Dark
50-04-21 Wisconsin State Journal - 8 p.m.--Screen Directors Playhouse (WIBA): Jane Wyman in "A Kiss in the Dark."
Rope Of Sand
50-04-28 Long Beach Press-Telegram - 6:00--KFI--Burt Lancaster will recreate "Rope of Sand" role on Screen Directors' Playhouse tonight, taking the part of a hunting guide who slips into a South African diamond concession and walks off with some of the stones.
When My Baby Smiles At Me
50-05-05 Syracuse Herald Journal - Betty Grable will star in "When My Baby Smiles At Me," on the NBC Screen Directors' Playhouse at 9 on WSYR.
Butch Minds the Baby
50-05-12 6:00--KFI--Brokerick Crawford returns to Damon Runyon's Broadwayland when the "Screen Directors' Playhouse" presents "Butch Minds the Baby." In the memory of Runyon, its author, everyone connected with the show will donate his fee to the Damon Runyon Cancer Fund.
Miss Grant Takes Richmond
50-05-19 Syracuse Herald Journal - Lucille Ball stars in "Miss Grant Takes Richmond" on the NBC Screen Directors' Playhouse over WSYR at 9 tonight.
Flamingo Road
50-05-26 San Antonio Light
Joan Crawford will recreate her original role in a radio adaptation of "
Flamingo Road" as a Screen Director's playhouse presentation (WOAI, 8 p.m.).
She Wouldn't Say Yes
50-06-02 Terre Haute Star
Rosalind Russell will play a psychiatrist who would do well to consult a psychiatrist herself in "
She Wouldn't Say Yes" on Screen Directors Playhouse tonight at 8 o'clock.
Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House
50-06-09 Terra Haute Star
Cary Grant will build his dream house again! He returns to his original role in
"Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House" on "Screen Directors Playhouse" Friday night at 8 o'clock.
A Star Is Born
50-06-16 The Capital - For tonight: NBC--9 Screen Directors' Plalyhouse "A Star Is Born."
The Strange Love Of Martha Ivers
[Tinny recording]

50-06-23 Long Beach Press-Telegram
6:00--KFI--"Screen Director's Playhouse" presents Barbara Stanwyck in "
The Strange Love of Martha Ivers," a story of suspense.
50-06-30 Long Beach Press-Telegram
6:00--KFI--"Screen Directors' Playhouse" will score a first when it presents a radio adaptationof Walt Disney's charming film "
Cinderella." Ilene Woods and other members of the original cast will appear in their film roles.
Shadow Of A Doubt
[Returns to hour-long format]

50-11-06 Syracuse Herald Journal
The Screen Directors Playhouse is scheduled for a return to NBC this month in the 10 to 11 P.M. Thursday slot. 50-11-09 Capital Times - "Screen Directors' Playhouse," one of last season's most popular series of radio dramatizations, will return to the air at 9 tonight over WIBA and WIBA-FM. Each week, the show will broadcast a one-hour adaptation of an outstanding screen production, usually with its original stars and always with a short talk by its director. Tonight's play will be "
Shadow of a Doubt," with Cary Grant and Betsy Drake co-starring. Director Alfred Hitchcock also will appear on the program.
50-11-16 Corpus Christi Times
Tallulah Bankhead and Jeff Chandler will reenact their original screen roles form the thrilling Alfred Hitchcock production, "
Lifeboat" on Screen Directors' Playhouse at 9 tonight.
Cluny Brown
50-11-23 Cedar Rapids Gazette
9:00 Playhouse "
Cluny Brown."
Mrs Mike
50-11-30 Syracuse Herald Journal
10:00 P.M.--WSYR--Screen Directors' Playhouse, Dick Powell in "
Mrs. Mike."
My Favorite Wife
50-12-07 Syracuse Herald Journal
Cary Grant and Irene Dunne Co-star in "
My Favorite Wife" 10 p.m. SCREEN DIRECTORS' PLAYHOUSE.
The Lady Gambles
50-12-14 Syracuse Herald Journal
Stephen McNally will repeat the roles they had in the original film, "
The Lady Gambles," on Screen Directors' Playhouse on WSYR at 10 tonight.
Miracle On 34th Street
50-12-21 La Crosse Tribune
MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET, one of the best-known Christmas stories of our time, will be presented in the hour-long "Screen Directors Playhouse" at 9 P.M. on WKBH-NBC. The story is a tender and humorous holiday tale set in the bargain basements of the two biggest department stores in New York.
Alias Nick Beal
50-12-28 Long Beach Press-Telegram
7:00--KFI--Ray Milland and Nancy Olsen will have the star roles in "
Alias Nich Beal" when "Screen Directors' Playhouse" revives the man-meets-devil film story tonight.
Prince Of Foxes
51-01-04 Capital Times
DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS, JR., will be the star of "
The Prince of Foxes" when the "Screen Directors' Playhouse" presents the first radio adaptation of the film story of swashbuckling romance in 15th-century Italy, over WIBA and WIBA-FM at 9 tonight. Tyrone Power had the part in the movie. Hero of "The Prince of Foxes" is Andrea Orsini, a peasant-born rogue posing as a noble cutthroat in the service of Cesare Borgia. Orsini is not only a talented diplomat but also a swordsman, painter, great lover, ordnance expert, politician, and military strategist. He carves out a promising career in treachery. The film was based on the best-selling novel of the same title by Samuel Shellabarger. Henry King, who directed the film, will comment on it briefly during the broadcast.
51-01-11Capital Times
JOAN FONTAINE will play the title role in "
Ivy," an air adaptation of the film in which she starred three seasons ago, on the NBC "Screen Directors' Playhouse" over WIBA and WIBA-FM at 9 tonight. Ivy, a product of the placid Edwardian era, is a girl who loves nice things and doesn't stop at murder and allied villanies to attain them. Ivy is married to an impoverished wastrel who is as eager as she to live high and climb higher. But when she forsees a brighter future with a rich and glamorous suitor, it dawns upon her that she had better get rid of her husband. The film was adapted from the novel by Mrs. Belloc Lowndes.
The Big Lift
51-01-18 Corpus Christi Times
Paul Douglas and Edmund O'Brien will take the starring roles for "
The Big Lift" on Screen Directors' Playhosue, KRIS 9:00 p.m. As a film, this humorous yet brutally true-to-life picture of two GI's and the Berlin airlift was a great success. Now hear the equally effective radio version.
51-01-25 Capital Times
JOSEPH COTTON and Mercedes McCambridge will be patient and psychiatrist in the NBC "Screen Directors' Playhouse" production of "Spellbound" over WIBA and WIBA-FM at 9 tonight. They will play the roles which Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman had in the original film version. "
Spellbound" tells the story of a chase through a man's mind. A woman psychiatrist falls in love with a man suspected of murder. Circumstantial evidence indicates he has taken the dead man's place. The psychiatrist follows him to his place of hiding, begins the bold attempt to unlock his mind. SHe discovers the gnawing secret of his past just two jumps ahead of detectives.
Take A Letter, Darling
51-02-01 Syracuse Herald Journal
Rosalind Russell and Fred MacMurray co-star in the comedy success "
Take a Letter, Darling" on Screen Directors' Playhouse over WSYR at 10 tonight.
Lucky Jordan
51-02-08 Post-Standard
10:00 p.m. WSYR--Screen Directors' Playhouse presents Alan Ladd in "
Lucky Jordan."
Dark Victory
51-02-15 Corpus Christi Times
Tallulah Bankhead and David Brian form an impressive cast for "
Dark Victory" on Screen Directors' Playhouse tonight at 9:00. Originally a stage play and later a movie, this story of f woman's courage in the face of certain death makes for gripping listening.
No Minor Vices
51-02-22 Syracuse Herald Journal
Once again Screen Directors' Playhouse has substituted shows. Louis Jourdan and Dana Andrews star in "
No Minor Vices," on WSYR at 10 tonight, replacing James Stewart in "Next Time We Love."
A Foreign Affair
51-03-01 Syracuse Herald Journal
10:00 P.M.--WSYR--Directors Playhouse Joan Crawford, "
The Damned Don't Cry." 51-03-01 Post-Standard - 10:00 p.m. WSYR--Screen Directors' Playhouse presents Joan Crawford in "The Damned Don't Cry." 51-03-01 San Mateo Times - Joan Crawford will star in the Screen Director's Playhosue presentation of "The Damned Don't Cry" on KNBC at 7 o'clock.
Bachelor Mother
51-03-08 Long Beach Press Telegram
7:00--KFI--Comedienne Lucille Ball returns to the "Screen Directors' Playhouse for the second week when she stars in the farce, "
Bachelor Mother" tonight. Starring opposite Miss Ball in this hour-long adaptation will be Robert Cummings.
Thelma Jordan
51-03-15 Syracuse Herald Journal - 10:00 P.M.--WSYR--Directors' Playhouse, Barbara Stanwyck in "Thelma Jordan."
The Great Lover
51-03-22 Corpus Christi Times
Bob Hope and Rhonda Fleming will appear tonight in "
The Great Lover" on Screen Directors' Playhouse. KRIS, 9:00. It’s a shipboard comedy with Hope playing chaperon to a group of fiendish Boy Foresters while he plays sucker to a bankrupt duchess. It's an hour of gaiety you won't want to miss.
Next Time We Love
51-03-29 Corpus Christi Times
With Jimmy Stewart and Eleanor Parker as co-stars, Screen Directors' Playhouse presents the romantic drama "
Next Time We Love" tonight at 9:00 on KRIS. It's the story of a young couople who fall in love, marry, then separate to follow their chosen careers. What happens next makes for an intriguing climax.
The Damned Don't Cry
51-04-05 Capital Times
JOAN CRAWFORD will make one of her infrequent radio appearances when she stars in the "Screen Directors' Playhouse" production of "
The Damned Don't Cry" over WIBA and WIBA-FM at 9 tonight. This is an adaptation of the film in which the actress appeared last year. It is a rags-to-riches story of a bored and burdened housewife who escapes rebelliously from a husband who does not understand her. Double-crossing h er way into the favor of an underworld big shot, she manages to acquire the graces of a society matron. Along the way she proves the undoing of four men. Frank Lovejoy will play opposite Miss Crawford. Vincent Sherman, who directed the original film, will talk about it briefly. "The Damned Don't Cry" was scheduled previously for Mar. 1 but postponed because of Miss Crawford's illness at that time.
Hired Wife
51-04-12 San Mateo Times
Rosalind Russell and Jeff Chandler will star in KNBC's "Screen Directors' Playhouse" production of "
Hired Wife" at 7 o'clock.
51-04-19 Post-Standard
Tallulah Bankhead will be heard in the outstanding Fannie Hurst story, "
Humoresque," at 10 p.m. on Screen Directors' Playhouse, WSYR radio. Tallu takes over the role Joan Crawford played in the 1947 filming of the story. It's about a poor boy's struggle to be a violinist, and about a wealthy, neurotic woman. "The Big Show" hostess can sure handle a role like the latter.
51-04-26 San Mateo Times
HOLLYWOOD. April 26--(AP)--Margaret Truman makes her professional acting debut tonighjt. The president's singing daughter will have a vast, unseen audience as she plays opposite Jimmy Stewart in "Jackpot" on the Screen Director's Playhouse, over KNBC at 7 p.m. PST. Miss Truman has been in rehearsal sincer her arrival here Monday, and reports are that she has taken considerable pains to see that nothing gets into the script that might in any way reflect upon her famous father. She succeeded in having the name of one of the characters in the play changed from Harry, because it might have brought a laugh in the wrong places. A gag used in the movie version of "
Jackpot," which starred Stewart and Barbara Hale, was taken out because it involved General MacArthur. Bill Karns, directing the radio version of the play, said Miss Truman asked to have changed one scene in which Stewart, who plays her husband, is supposed to be pulling her out of bed in the morning. "She thought that might be suggestive, so we changed it," Karns explained. "She explained that she has to be very careful." "Jackpot" is a comedy. She is cast as the wife of a department store executive who wins scores of prizes on a radio quiz show, and the plot revolves around what happens to her husband (Stewart) and their two children. "I haven't seen "Jackpot" on the screen, so this will be my own interpretation of the role," she told reporters.
Captain From Castile
51-05-03 Post-Standard
Doug Fairbanks, Jr., becomes the "
Captain of Castile" in the Screen Directors' Playhouse presentation at 10 p.m. today on WSYR radio. The play will be an adaptation of the film which was a rather bad adaptation of Shellabarger's best-seller. Paula Morgan will be heard as the runaway barmaid.
No Time For Love
51-05-10 Post-Standard
Claudette Colbert will take over her original screen role in "
No Time for Love" on Screen Directors' Playhouse at 10 p.m. on WSYR radio. That's the story about the lady photographer who ventures into a tunnel for some pictures and meets up with a brusque sandhog. Fred MacMurray plalyed that part on the screen.
Rogue's Regiment
51-05-17 Wisconsin State Journal
9 p.m.--Screen Directors Playhouse (WIBA): Dick Powell, Peggy Dow in "
Rogue's Regiment".
51-05-24 Capital Times
CHARLES BOYER and Mercedes McCambridge will share the spotlight in "Screen Directors Playhouse" over WIBA and WIBA-FM at 9 tonight. The two film stars will be featured in a radio verion of the motion picture, "
Beyond Glory
51-05-31 Corpus Christi Times
Alan Ladd stars in the role of a West Point cadet on Screen Directors' Playhouse tonight at 9:00 on KRIS. It's a radio adaptation of "
Beyond Glory," and the director, John Farrow will be on hand to chat with Ladd about the film.
The Gunfighter
51-06-07 Long Beach Press-Telegram
Gregory Peck will star in "
The Gunfighter," a story about a celebrated desperado who wants to go straight during "Screen Directors' Playhouse" on KFI at 7.
The Ghost Breaker
The Ghostbreaker
51-06-14 Syracuse Herald Journal
Screen Directors' Playhouse will be cut to a half-hour tonight (WSYR, 10), with Bob Hope starring in "
The Ghost Breaker."
51-06-21 Capital Times
Edmond O'Brien will star in "
Dead on Arrival" during "Screen Directors Playhouse" over WIBA and WIBA-FM at 9 tonight. Richard Mate, who directed the movie, will be commentator. "Dead on Arrival" was one of the successful crime pictures of the 1950-51 season.
A Lady Takes A Chance
51-06-28 Syracuse Herald Journal
JOHN LUND and Joan Caufield co-star in "
A Lady Takes a Chance," the cowboy-meets-a-lady film story, on Screen Directors' Playhouse over WSYR at 10 tonight.
Only Yesterday
51-07-05 Corpus Christi Times
Jeff Chandler--Mercedes McCambridge star in "
ONLY YESTERDAY"--9:00 Screen Directors Playhouse KRIS.
The Fugitive
51-07-12 Post-Standard
10:00 p.m.--Screen Director's Playhouse: "
The Fugitive," with Henry Fonda.
Remember the Night
51-07-19 Wisconsin State Journal
9 p.m.--Screen Directors' Playhouse (WIBA): William Holden in "
Remember the Night," story of lawyer who rescues pretty shoplifter from jail.
Stairway To Heaven
51-07-26 Post-Standard
Screen Directors' Playhouse at 10 p.m. WSYR radio will find Robert Cummings playing the British airman in "
Stairway to Heaven." You'll remember the film as the one about the airman who jumps from a burning plane and suffers a head injuryu which makes him imagine that he is a fugitive from Heaven. George Sidney, president of the Screen Directors' Guild, will be the permanent host for the productions starting tonight. He has directed such films as "Show Boat" and "Annie Get Your Gun."
51-08-02 San Mateo Times
Eleanor Parker recreates her role in "
Caged" on NBC's "Screen Directors' Playhouse" on KNBC at 7 o'clock.
Wuthering Heights
51-08-09 Syracuse Herald Journal
DOROTHY McGUIRE and James Mason and his wife, Pamela Kellino star in "
Wuthering Heights" on Screen Directors Playhouse (WSYR, 10).
The Ghost and Mrs Muir
51-08-16 Corpus Christi Times
Charles Boyer and Jane Wyatt in "
THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR" Screen Directors' Playhouse, 9:00 KRIS.
The Velvet Touch
51-08-23 Capital Times
Rosalind Russell will revive one of her movie hits for WIBA and WIBA-FM listeners tonight. On "Screen Directors Playhouse" at 9, she will star in a radio version of "
The Velvet Touch," a 1948 release.
Mother Is A Freshman
Mother Was A Freshman
51-08-30 Chester Times
10:00 p.m.--KYW--Screen Directors' Playhouse. Loretta Young and William Lundigan star in the former movie hit, "
Mother Was a Freshman."
Broken Arrow
51-09-07 Portsmouth Times
8 p.m.--NBC: James Stewart, Jeff Chandler and Debra Paget of the original cast will be the stars of "
Broken Arrow" when the "Screen Directors' Playhouse" presents an adaptation of the film story as the first production inits new weekly time spot. "Broken Arrow" is a dramatic story of life in the Old West, pleading the cause of the American Indian.
51-09-14 Capital Times
7 p.m.--Screen Directors Playhouse: Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., in "
No Man Of Her Own
51-09-21 San Mateo Times
No Man of Her Own," starring Barbara Stanwyck and Lyle Bettger will be heard on Screen Directors' Playhouse on KNBC at 7 o'clock.
Waterloo Bridge
51-09-28 Long Beach Press-Telegram
Norma Shearer, coming out of retirement, will start in "
Waterloo Bridge" over KFI, when Screen Directors' Playhouse is presented at 8:30.

The NBC Presents Screen Directors Series Radio Program Biographies

Kennneth L. 'Ken' Carpenter

Radio, Television and Film Announcer, Narrator and Personality

Birthplace: Avon, Illinois, U.S.A.

Education: B.A., Lombard College

1935 Rose Bowl Game
1935 Henry Busse and His Montmartre Orchestra
1936 The Magic Key
1936 The Packard Hour
1937 Paramount's Silver Jubilee
1937 Streamlined Shakespeare
1937 The Packard Summer Program
1938 The Ray Noble Show
1938 Kraft Music Hall
1939 Amos 'n' Andy
1940 The Rudy Vallee Sealtest Show
1940 Little Old Hollywood
1940 Bing Crosby Presents
1941 Quiz Kids
1941 The Jello Program
1941 Sweet and Rhythmic
1941 Maxwell House Coffee Time
1941 Songs By Bob Carroll
1941 The Great Gildersleeve
1941 One Man's Famiy
1942 Freedom's People
1942 Command Performance
1942 Eyes Aloft
1943 The Pepsodent Show
1943 Jubilee
1943 Treasury Star Parade
1943 Mail Call
1944 Mystery House
1944 World News Parade
1944 Academy Awards
1944 The Charlie McCarthy Show
1944 The Shaeffer World Parade
1944 The Elgin CHristmas Day Greeting To America
1945 The March Of Time
1945 The Chase and Sanborn Program
1945 The Life Of Riley
1945 Music For Millions
1946 Truth Or Consequences
1946 Philco Radio Time
1947 Criminal At Large (Auditon)
1947 Elgin Thanksgiving Day Greeting To America
1948 Here's To Veterans
1948 Red Cross Fund Campaign
1948 The Bing Crosby Show
1948 Guest Star
1948 This Is Bing Crosby
1949 Opportunity U.S.A.
1949 A Tribute To...
1950 The Halls Of Ivy
1950 Welcome Back Baseball
1950 Screen Director's Playhouse
1950 The Man Called X
1951 Mr Keen, Tracer Of Lost Persons
1952 The Nelson Eddy Show (Audition)
1952 Truth Or Consequences
1952 Lux Radio Theatre
1952 The Judy Garland Show
1953 Christmas Seale Sale
1953 General Electric Theatre
1953 Easter Seal Parade For Crippled Children
1953 All-Star Revue
1956 Biography In Sound
1959 Stars For Defense
1959 Have Gun, Will Travel
1960 The Bing Crosby-Rosemary Clooney Show
1961 Christmas Sing With Bing
1964 It's That Tie Again
1974 The Tomorrow Show
1976 The Good Old Days Of Radio
Yank Swing Session
Stand By For Music
Treasury Star Parade
Ken Carpenter circa 1938
Ken Carpenter circa 1938

Ken Carpenter circa 1943
Ken Carpenter circa 1943

Carpenter was a member of Phi Delta Theta while attending Lombard College
Carpenter was a member of Phi Delta Theta while attending Lombard College

Ken Carpenter (far right) emcees the Kraft Music Hall with Bing Crosby, Marilyn Maxwell and John Scott Trotter
Ken Carpenter (far right) emcees the Kraft Music Hall with Bing Crosby, Marilyn Maxwell and John Scott Trotter

Born in Avon, Illinois, Kenneth Carpenter was the son of Barlow Carpenter, a Universalist minister, and Clara Carpenter. Ken Carpenter graduated from Lombard College in Galesburg, Illinois in 1921, where he was a member of the national Phi Delta Theta chapter, a fraternity of college students espousing "the cultivation of friendship among its members, the acquirement individually of a high degree of mental culture, and the attainment personally of a high standard of morality". Lombard College also is where Carpenter met his future lifelong wife, Betty.

Ken and Betty Carpenter moved to Hollywood in 1929 and soon after, Ken became a staff announcer at Hollywood's KFI radio. After announcing the 1935 Rose Bowl game on NBC, he found himself in demand for national programs. He became Bing Crosby's announcer in 1936 shortly after Bing took over the hosting duties on the Kraft Music Hall. Carpenter remained with Bing Crosby through the next 27 years. He also announced for Al Jolson and Edgar Bergen's long-running show. He performed in the same capacity on the Radio and Television versions of Lux Radio Theatre and One Man's Family.

Throughout the Golden Age of Radio Broadcasting--and beyond--Ken Carpenter remained one of Radio's busiest announcers, appearing in over 6,000 broadcasts during a forty-two year career in Radio. The staggering array of Radio programs Ken appeared in forever set him apart in the annals of Radio Broadcasting History.

Ken Carpenter also enjoyed careers in both Film and Television. He was the announcer/narrator for a fascinating series of forty-one Paramount-produced, Jerry Fairbanks-directed shorts entitled Unusual Occupations (1939-1949), which won several Academy Awards in the Short Subject category. He was also the uncredited announcer in Frank Capra's Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939), and the announcer, emcee, commentator, or narrator in:
  • Rhythm on the River (1940)
  • Road to Zanzibar (1941)
  • New York Town (1941)
  • The Secret Code (1942)
  • The Spirit of Stanford (1942)
  • Strictly G.I. (1943)
  • Mystery Broadcast (1943)
  • True to Life (1943)
  • What a Woman! (1943)
  • Who's Who in Animal Land (1944)
  • The Crime Doctor's Courage (1945)
  • The Lonesome Stranger (1946)
  • Cross My Heart (1946)
  • Ladies' Man (1947)
  • Grounds for Marriage (1951)
  • Susan Slept Here (1954)

All told, Ken Carpenter enjoyed a Film career spanning twenty years. Ken Carpenter was also in demand on Television, enjoying yet another ten year career as the announcer for Lux Video Theatre (1950-1955) and The Bing Crosby Show (1954) among others.

Over a forty-seven year career in the Performing Arts, Ken Carpenter stands as a legend in Radio and a true American Treasure of 20th Century Broadcasting. Ranked among the top five most important announcers in his craft, Ken Carpenter's career in Radio will probably never again be equalled.

But equally important, as a beloved gentleman and icon to all of the Broadcast announcers that followed him, he remains one of the most influential proponents of his craft to this day.

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