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Orginal X Minus One header art

The X Minus One Radio Program

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Astounding Science Fiction magazine advertisement for X Minus One from December 1955
Astounding Science Fiction magazine advertisement for X Minus One from December 1955

X Minus One spot ad from September 15 1955
X Minus One spot ad from September 15 1955

Announcement of X Minus One airing on Monitor retrospective from June 24 1973
Announcement of X Minus One airing on Monitor retrospective from June 24 1973


X Minus One was a last attempt by a major network to sustain an adult-oriented science-fiction drama anthology during the waning days of the Golden Age of Radio. We'd love to say that NBC went all out with this one, but that's simply not the case. Indeed, NBC wasn't even quite sure that the first full-fledged Television generation could be coaxed back to their radios once they'd seen Pareee--on television, anyway.

There's an obvious, albeit rather silly, association one might be tempted to make in comparing and contrasting NBC's X Minus One to its earlier Sci-Fi outing with Dimension X. The long version is that neither series was particularly well promoted outside of the somewhat insider world of Sci-Fi Fandom of the era--and certainly never by NBC, especially. In some six years of airing Dimension X and X Minus One, one is hard pressed to find all but perhaps two or three mentions in small market newspapers of either program, let alone it's production history or personnel. One could be forgiven the impression that NBC programmers at the Vice President level or higher, didn't want to be associated with what--for their time--were two cutting edge, science-fiction formats, directed primarily at Sci-Fi kids in adult bodies.

Quite understandably, the Sci-Fi magazine readers of the era devoured these two series like crazy. Most of the stories for Dimension X and X Minus One were adaptations from Galaxy and Astounding Science Fiction magazines, so they clearly had a stake in both promoting and cross-promoting their interests. The science fiction writers and authors of the era were gaining considerable traction in early popular Television as well, so it was definitely a sellers' market all around during the 1950s through 1970s. The Atomic Age had well captured the imaginations of those who didn't live in stark fear of it--and indeed many who did, for that matter.

But the short version of the above answer was: Not so much. Yes, X Minus One used some of the scripts from Dimension X for it's first few months of programming. No mystery there. The somewhat short first 'season' of X Minus One ran all of seven episodes before NBC suspended the whole shebang, asking listeners to send in their cards and letters if they had any interest in hearing more. Seven episodes--that's half a normal summer replacement season. But it's more than illustrative of NBC's rather ruthless view of yet another experimental Sci-Fi drama anthology--NBC could pretty much take it or leave it. The onus was on Street and Smith and their magazines to make the whole thing profitable. And if they couldn't swing it, X Minus One would swing. Period, end of story.

NBC Versus Listener Loyalty

But apparently the grass-roots efforts by the Sci-Fi community worked. Two weeks later, X Minus One started airing in a somewhat "now you see it, now you don't" kind of scheduling nightmare. NBC tried it on Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. They tried scheduling it on Tuesdays in one adjoining air market, and Wednesdays in the complimentary market. One supposes that their logic was, if their fans had two chances to catch each new installment each week, the series might gain a bit more traction. But then NBC would pull the rug out from that whole scheme by yet again dumping the series for weeks at a time, or doing another soft-shoe shuffle with its scheduled air days yet again.

It's a tribute to the loyalty of X Minus One's fans that the program lasted even a year, yet alone two. Of course it was also a tribute to X Minus One's writing and adapting staff. Yes, they were adapting the work of some of the era's greatest Science Fiction proponents, but adapting such remarkably well known Sci-Fi authors was a very delicate business in itself. Galaxy and Astounding Science Fiction published almost every storyline ever performed on X Minus One--usually well in advance of its broadcast on X Minus One. It's not as if X Minus One's most ardent fans didn't already have a literary benchmark by which to measure the X Minus One interpretation of some of their most beloved Sci-Fi adventures.

And although the writing professions of the era were most definitely a sellers market--in Radio and Television--on the performing side, not so much. The Golden Age of Radio was withering day by passing day. The technicians could see it, the producers could see it, the networks were driving it, and quite understandably, the actors saw it coming a mile away. So yes it was definitely a buyers' market for acting talent. Of course this was fantastic for the relatively few surviving popular Radio programs of the era. A glance at the talent (below in the details section) that passed through the X Minus One studios for two years, is truly staggering. The cast lists for X Minus One read like a Who's Who of the Golden Age of Radio acting profession.

On the production side as well, we find some of NBC's finest writing, directorial, and production talent from its rich history. The announcing staff alone over the X Minus One run shows the legendary Don Pardo, Fred Collins, Kenneth Bangheart, and Ben Grauer. The various narrators for the series included John Larkin, the star of Perry Mason for Radio, Bernard Lenrow, lead actor on Molle Mystery Theater and NBC Mystery Theater, and of course from Casey Crime Photographer, and Karl Weber, star of several of The Hummerts' productions over the years, let alone Roger De Koven and Norman Rose.

But who are we kidding . . . the superstars for this production were its writers and adapters--George Lefferts and Ernest Kinoy, especially. Of X Minus One's 118 unique scripts, Ernest Kinoy had a hand in at least 80 of them. George Lefferts had a hand in at least fifty of them. Director, Fred Weihe, and Producer, William Welch, also took a hands-on approach to writing and adapting the series as well as Nelson Bond, Howard Rodman, Clarice A. Ross, Arthur Small, and Ronald Dawson. Science Fiction is, after all, pretty much writing and sound effects. In spite of NBC's somewhat lassez faire attitude about promoting X Minus One, it's clear that they never skimped on either their writing talent or sound production talent.

Indeed, in those two respects, alone, X Minus One acquits itself quite well indeed--even to this day. There are certainly proponents aplently of both Dimension X and X Minus One. There are at least as many--if not more--for Mutual Broadcasting System's sci-fi send up, Exploring Tomorrow. We tend to lean more in the Exploring Tomorrow direction ourselves. But that by no means diminishes our respect for--or enjoyment of--both Dimension X and X Minus One. We can't help wondering, however, if the continuing tethering of both Dimension X and X Minus One to Galaxy and Astounding Science Fiction magazines didn't place an undue limitation on both series.

The Current State of The Circulating Collection

X Minus One also enjoys the rather dubious distinction of being one of Radio History's most butchered series ever to circulate from the era. One might understand the almost absurd lengths that early 'otr' commercial interests went to disguise, distort, reinvent, or simply create whole 'new' episodes of X Minus One out of whole cloth--had X Minus One been a program of some particularly historic value. But clearly it was not, nor will it ever be. And yet, despite its somewhat humble intrinsic value, X Minus One was set upon by some of the most ham-fisted dolts ever before seen in Radio recording deception.

Unfortunately it's that very greed, avarice and arrogance that's pretty much doomed X Minus One to perhaps never be circulated intact. Of the original 119 alleged unique, X Minus One scripts, two of them remain surrounded by questions:

  • An alleged 'promo' or 'preview' rendition of And The Moon Be Still As Bright which supposedly aired as a teaser of some sort on the Friday preceding the launch of X Minus One on April 24, 1955.
  • An alleged 14-minute version of Zero Hour that purportedly aired as a stand-alone, intentionally abbreviated broadcast a week--or two--before the broadcast of The Vital Factor, on November 30, 1955.

To add to the muddle, the eight or nine most adulterated rebroadcasts of X Minus One have been so universally circulated as to fool even some of the hobby's most respected collectors. Indeed as we've come to discover over the past eight months of due diligence on our 'Definitive' series of program logs and articles, there are apparently no levels too low for commercial otr interests of the past thirty-five years to have stooped, to deceive fellow traders.

Their legacy is the regrettable mish-mosh of widely varying quality within the circulating run. We'd be willing to gamble that even the most astute collector possesses at least ten adulterated exemplars of X Minus One in his or her collection. A sad postscript to an otherwise quite enjoyable, interesting and well-produced major network rendition of a Sci-Fi drama anthology.

Series Derivatives:

Genre: Anthology of Golden Age Radio Science Fiction Dramas
Network(s): NBC, The AFRTS
Audition Date(s) and Title(s): Undetermined
Premiere Date(s) and Title(s): 55-04-24 01 No Contact
Run Dates(s)/ Time(s): 55-04-24 to 58-01-09; NBC,
Syndication: NBC, The AFRTS
Sponsors: Street and Smith, NBC; Bromo Quinine; Pabst
Director(s): Bob Mauer, Daniel Sutter, Kenneth MacGregor, Edward King, George Voutsas, Fred Weihe, Scott Buckley [Directors]
William Welch [Producer]
Kenneth MacGregor [Studio Director]
Principal Actors: Bill Smith, Donald Buka, Ken Williams, Luis Van Rooten, Matt Crowley, Wendell Holmes, William Griffis, Alexander Scourby, Agnes Young, Joseph Curtin, Joe DeSantis, Ellen Denning, John Thomas, Arthur Anderson, William Keene, William Zuckert, Bill Lipton, Margaret Berlin, Ethel Everett, Edwin Jerome, Peter Capell, Abby Lewis, Edgar Stehli, Ian Martin, Jason Johnson, John Seymore, Lori March, Ed Latimer, Joe DeSantis, Robert Haag, Ross Martin, Santos Ortega, Sydney Smith, Janet Alexander, Ann Pitoriak, Nelson Olmsted, Frank Milano, Michael O'Day, Ken Lynch, Arthur Maitland, Leon Janney, Roger De Koven, Rosemary Prinz, Ted Osborne, John Gibson, Joyce Gordon, Joseph Julian, Owen Jordan, Audrey Blum, Clarke Gordon, Jack Orrison, John Larkin, Reese Taylor, Theo Goetz, Virginia Payne, Mary Patton, Guy Repp, Jack Grimes, Jone Allison, Lynn Cook, Merrill E. Joels, Pat Polen, Arnold Robertson, Edwin Jerome, Bob Hastings, Court Benson, Jack Arthur, Jay Meredith, Milo Boulton, Walter Kinsella, Ivor Francis, Jack Grimes, Jack Hartley, James Dukas, Lyle Sudrow, Robert Dryden, Ross Martin, Sid Raymond, John Thomas, Lawrence Kerr, Ralph Comargo, Stan Early, Karl Weber, Staats Cotsworth, Richard Hamilton, William Malley, Grant Richards, Peggy Lubin, Jack Orrison, Jim Boles, John McGovern, Rita Lloyd, Jan Miner, Anne Seymour, Fredericka Chandler, James Dukas, Grant Richards, Florence Williams, Al Collins, Roy Fant, Mercer McLeod, Guy Sorel, Ginger Jones, Karl Swenson, Les Damon, Theo Goetz, Walter Kinsella, Joey Fallon, Marylou Forster, Pam Thomas, Mary Patton, Mandel Kramer, Rosemary Murphy, Sidney Paul, Clarke Gordon, Herm Dinken, Jack Grimes, Joseph Bell, Peter Fernandez, Denise Alexander, Joan Alexander, Grant Richards, Charles Carroll, John Moore, Mercer McLeod, Stan Early, Joseph Boland, Ruby Dee, Alan Hewitt, Wililam Quinn, Jan Miner, Alistair Duncan, Ronald Liss, Eleanor Phelps, Pamela Fitzmaurice, James Monks, Lawson Zerbe, Billy Harris, Kate Wilkinson, Sarah Fussell, Teri Keane, Raymond Edward Johnson, Vera Allen, William Redfield, James Stevens, Charles Penman, Craig McDonnell, James Rafferty, Jim Stevens, Wayne Chappell, Hope Risman, Lydia Bruce, Michael Ingram, Robert Dryden, Floyd Mack, Frank Maxwell, Dick Janaver, Helen Gerald, John Marley, Alfred Shirley, Burford Hampden, Patsy O'Shea, Allan Mason, Cliff Carpenter, Joseph Sullivan, Bill Britton, Charlotte Manson, John Radee, Merrill E. Joels, Elliott Reid, Audrey Blum, Mary Patton, Peggy Allenby, Dan Ocko, Larry Haines, Dean Olmquist, Amy Sidell, Elaine Rost, Ken Rafitte, Tom Collins, Rolly Bester, Carl Frank, Alan Bergman, Larry Robinson, Alan Hewitt, Floyd Mack, Sam Grey, Ann Thomas, Agnes Young, Butch Cavell, Peter Lazer, Jim Drummond, Frank Milano, Ian Martin, Jock MacGregor, Nat Polen, Phil Sterling, Dennis Bellabio, Robert Haag, Gerianne Raphael, Harold Huber, John Baragrey, Arthur Hughes, Irv West, Court Benson, Elliott Reid, John Griggs, Sam Raskyn, Ann Thomas, Karen Ford, Leona Powers, Edwin Cooper, Pat Hosley, Hetty Galen, Bert Cowlin, Anthony Campbell, Jackson Beck, Bernard Lenrow, Jared Reed, George Erwin, Peter Fernandez, Alice Yourman, Jane Aymar, Maxine Stewart, House Jameson, Lynn Cook, Lydia Bruce, Harvey Hayes, Walter Black, David Ross, Adele Ronson, Ellen Muir, Illya Bracha, David Kerman, Henry Norrell, Betty Caine, Michael Ingram, Frank Silvera, Ann Loring, Evie Juster, Helen Gerald, Martin Agronsky
Recurring Character(s): None
Protagonist(s): None
Author(s): Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, Frederic Brown, Fletcher Pratt, Stephen Vincent Benet, Donald A. Wollheim, Robert Bloch, Clifford Simak, Tom Goodwin, Murray Leinster, William Tenn, Graham Doar, Isaac Asimov, H. Beam Piper, James E. Gunn, Robert Sheckley, L. Sprague de Camp, Frederick Pohl, Jack McKenty, Fritz Leiber, Mark Clifton, Ross Rockland, Milton Lesser, Frank Quattrochi, J. T. McIntosh, Phillip K. Dick, Gordon R. DIckson, H. L. Gold, James E. Gunn, Theodore sturgeon, F. L. Wallace, Katherine MacLean, James Blish, Algis Budrys, Stephen Arr, Frank M. Robinson, James H. Schmitz, Finn O'Donovan, Peter Phillips, Steven Tall, Evelyn Smith, Richard Wilson, Arthur Sellings, A. A. Phelps Jr., F. L. Wallace, Richard Maples, Wyman Guin, Ned Lang, Vaughn Shelton, Poul Anderson, Alan Nourse, Robert Silverberg
Writer(s) Ernest Kinoy, George Lefferts, Nelson Bond [Writers]
Howard Rodman, Clarice A. Ross, Arthur Small, Ronald Dawson, George Lefferts, William Welch, Ernest Kinoy [Adapters]
Fred Weihe [Transcriber]
Music Direction: Tom Glazer
Musical Theme(s): Unknown
Announcer(s): Don Pardo, Fred Collins, Bill Rippe, Jack Costello, Kenneth Banghart, Ben Grauer, Roger Tuttle [Announcers]
John Larkin, Norman Rose, Karl Weber, Bernard Lenrow, Roger De Koven, [Narrators]
Walter O'Keefe [Host for Nightline]
W. W. Chaplin [Commentator]
Estimated Scripts or
Episodes in Circulation: 119
Total Episodes in Collection: 122 [includes 1 AFRTS exemplar]
RadioGOLDINdex, Hickerson Guide.

Notes on Provenances:

The most helpful provenances were the log of the radioGOLDINdex and newspaper listings.

Digital Deli Too RadioLogIc


X Minus One appears to have been a lightning rod for all of the most underhanded low-lifes of the otr trading {selling} community. There is literally no trick nor ruse nor butchery nor deception that hasn't been employed at one time or another during the past 30 years of 'otr' commerce on this series:

  • Hacking open and close segments from AFRTS episodes and pasting generic X Minus One open and close segments into them
  • Splicing or pasting X Minus One open and close segments into Exploring Tomorrow episodes to create 'newly discovered' X Minus One episodes
  • Splicing or pasting X Minus One open and close segments into Dimension X episodes to create 'newly discovered' X Minus One episodes
  • Snipping closing segments to hide the broadcast provenances contained therein, so as to mix and match rebroadcasts with perceived rarer original broadcasts
  • Padding as much as eleven minutes of silence onto the end of a misrepresented 'high-encode' set of X Minus One to make them appear longer (and higher encode) than they actually were
  • Disseminating over, thousands of downloads of an alleged certified complete set of X Minus One with no less than fourteen altered, butchered, intentionally misrepresented, missing, or mislabeled episodes

We are obliged to cite--once again--'nightkey' for his research and discovery of at least seven of the above mentioned travesties on his OTR MP3 Errors page for X Minus One.

Here follows a summary of our own findings, in addition to those attributed above to 'nightkey':

1. An alleged And the Moon Be Still as Bright 'audition' or 'promo' dated 55-04-22. Though it would not surprise us to know that such a promo, advance teaser, or preview exists, there are certainly no valid exemplars in circulation. Every And the Moon Be Still as Bright exemplar currently circulating contains the same Fred Collins and Norm Rose intro and close, and the same NBC Chimes bumper.

2. Episode No. 2, The Parade is rebroadcast as Episode No. 35 on January 25, 1956: The circulating rebroadcast exemplar in most collections and online downloads is invariably the earlier Episode No. 2, simply relabeled as Episode No. 35. There are two identifying characteristics of the original The Parade and the rebroadcast The Parade:

  • The original The Parade (Episode No. 2) is announced by Don Pardo, not Fred Collins, and announces Mars Is Heaven as the following episode.
  • In the rebroadcast The Parade (Episode No. 35) Fred Collins, not Don Pardo, announces Cave of Night as the following episode.

3. Episode No. 7, Perigi's Wonderful Dolls, is often mislabeled as the rebroadcast of Perigi's Wonderful Dolls at Episode No. 34, dated January 18, 1956. The differentiating characteristic is as follows:

  • The original Perigi's Wonderful Dolls contains an announcement at the end of the production stating that the episode was the last of the current series, and to drop a line to NBC New York if the listener wanted to hear more of X Minus One.

4. Episode No. 17, The Martian Death March is often intentionally mislabeled as the rebroadcast of The Martian Death March at Episode No. 75. The differentiating characteristics are as follows:

  • The original The Martian Death March contains the phrase, "in cooperation with Street and Smith" in the intro.
  • The rebroadcast The Martian Death March contains the phrase, "in cooperation with Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine."

5. Episode No. 18, The Castaways, is often intentionally mislabeled as the rebroadcast of The Castaways at Episode No. 77 of November 28, 1956. The differentiating characteristics are as follows:

  • The original The Castaways contains the phrase, "in cooperation with Street and Smith" in the intro.
  • The rebroadcast The Castaways contains the phrase, "in cooperation with Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine." The 'in cooperation with Street and Smith' announcements ended in mid-February 1956. Any 'in cooperation with Street and Smith' announcements heard in exemplars after that date should be suspect.

6. Episode No. 23, Hello, Tomorrow, has the same problem as The Castaways, above. The differentiating characteristics are as follows:

  • The original Hello, Tomorrow contains the phrase, "in cooperation with Street and Smith" in the intro.
  • The rebroadcast Hello, Tomorrow (Episode No. 40) contains the phrase, "in cooperation with Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine." In addition, the rebroadcast announces A Gun for Dinosaur as the following episode.

7. Episode No. 26, Zero Hour, is one of the more intriguing, unresolved anomalies of the series. As currently circulating, the recording does, indeed, contain an announcement of The Vital Factor in the close. But Zero Hour itself is only a 15-minute transcription, as compared to the normal 23.5 to 24. 5 minute length of most other syndicated, transcribed episodes. This presents several dilemmas to the serious collector:

  • For one, there is no currently known provenance announcing or even acknowledging Zero Hour as having been either scheduled to air or actually airing.
  • NBC was moving X Minus One all over the programming schedule throughout its run. Yet with all of the schedule changes there is only one circulating acknowledgement or advance announcement of these several movements. Zero Hour allegedly aired during a three week period following one of this series of last minute rescheduling changes by NBC.
  • Zero Hour is also contained within Episode No. 78 from December 5, 1956, a 'two-fer' of the initial run of X Minus One--the Ray Bradbury duo, There Will Come Soft Rains and Zero Hour. The Zero Hour segment contained within that 'two-fer' is identical in script and run time, but the cast and narrator differ from the Zero Hour currently circulating as an alleged, 15-minute, stand-alone broadcast of November 23, 1955.
  • It rather begs the logic or programming sense of a network of the sophistication, size--and ruthlessness--of NBC to have inexplicably aired a single, half-length episode of X Minus One in the midst of an attempt to attract a larger audience for X Minus One by continually repositioning it in the program line-up.

8. Episode No. 38, Skulking Permit, is often intentionally mislabeled as the rebroadcast at Episode No. 101, from July 4, 1957. The differentiating characteristics are as follows:

  • The original Skulking Permit broadcast contains a promotion of the article "Tsylana" from the current issue of Galaxy Magazine.
  • The rebroadcast of Skulking Permit at Episode No. 101 contains a promotion of the article "Blaze of Glory" from the current issue of Galaxy Magazine.

9. Episode No. 83, A Saucer of Loneliness is often mislabeled as Episode No. 110. One or both of them are also known to circulate as 10 minute, truncated episodes padded out with as much as 15 minutes of silence filler to give the impression of being complete. The differentiating characteristics are as follows:

  • Episode No. 83, A Saucer of Loneliness, contains an "in cooperation with Galaxy Magazine" announcement.
  • Episode No. 110, A Saucer of Loneliness, doesn't contain the "in cooperation with Galaxy Magazine" announcement, and is part of the Nightline era of X Minus One original runs.

10. Episode No. 111, The Old Die Rich is often substituted with the Episode No. 60 of the same title. The differentiating characteristics are as follows:

  • Episode No. 60 correctly cites the currently available Galaxy Magazine article, This Way to the Regress in the closing announcements.
  • At the beginning of Episode No. 60, Fred Collins announces the premiere of Bob Considine On The Line, which premiered over NBC on July 22, 1956, after Considine had left his similar franchise on Mutual.
  • The currently circulating Episode No. 111 contains these provenances, so it's clearly been mislabeled--intentionally or otherwise. We know of no currently circulating valid Episode No. 111, The Old Die Rich.

11. There is a circulating episode of an ultra-super-secret 'unreleased' episode of X Minus One titled 'Convict' and circulating as Episode No. 126 from February 3, 1958. There is no such actual episode. Some commercially motivated otr misfit cut the intro and close from a 'generic' X Minus One transcription and pasted them into an episode of the lesser known and heard Exploring Tomorrow series' Convict episode. An audible click is heard when transitioning from the pasted over X Minus One intro, and the close is equally and noticeably abrupt.

12. The X Minus One episode Iron Chancellor is not among the canon of original X Minus One transcriptions or scripts--at least it never aired as such. Iron Chancellor is often intentionally mislabeled and sold as the 126th episode of the original canon of X Minus One, with the date January 27, 1958 in the file name. In fact, Iron Chancellor was part of NBC's attempt to regenerate interest in Science Fiction Drama during the NBC Monitor years of the 1970s. As such, NBC revived several of the original transcriptions, often mixing and matching them in a attempt to freshen them up a bit for an audience that may very well have heard some of the original series. They also introduced several apparently newly recorded episodes of X Minus One into the revival line up of X Minus One transcriptions. The attempt ran some two years off and on, NBC often seredipitously rescheduling the broadcasts, or inexplicably simply failing to air a newly promoted revival episode. The experiment was finally abandoned during the Summer of 1975.

13. [UPDATES] Apparently some of our observations have been the topic of some discussion on the OTRDigest, a forum we're specifically barred from participating in, citing our site as a commercial concern [which it clearly is not]--in spite of the fact that virtually all of the major respondents and subscribers to the OTRDigest are commercial concerns of one kind or another. Their observations follow:

  • 'nightkey' of the OTR MP3 Errors page for X Minus One site wonders, along with us, whether the alleged audition of And the Moon Be Still As Bright ever actually aired.
  • Jim Widner of the site--and noted, 'credentialed' OTR author--tends to agree with both 'nightkey' and us regarding the alleged And the Moon Be Still As Bright audition, while stating that the clearly complete circulating 15-minute Zero Hour recording was actually a full 30-minute broadcast as originally aired. Hence, either . . .
    • Mr. Widner and his correspondents are in error,
    • NBC produced two single Zero Hour broadcasts--a 15-minute version and a 30-minute version,
    • The circulating 15-minute, apparently complete, but with a different cast and narrator, Zero Hour is a brilliantly assembled counterfeit.
  • We find the two-version alternative highly unlikely. X Minus One was reportedly niggardly budgeted at only $1000 per episode. We find it highly implausible that NBC would commision two, different-length versions of Zero Hour--in addition to the Bradbury two-fer--then fail to announce or promote either of them as a special--or even announce them to any of the newspapers anywhere in America. While it's conceivable, given all the other mischief performed on the X Minus One canon, that a clever engineer could have assembled the 15-minute episode, brilliantly edited for time, then packaged with narrated credits and NBC Chimes, etc., we find that argument equally implausible.
  • Don Aston of states unequivocally that he has an 'NBC Master Tape' of And the Moon Be Still As Bright annotated as a 'repeat' for the date 55-09-22 and cites his supposedly fully annotated log at as proof. Unfortunately that link is currently dead on his log page. Given the alleged annotation of 'repeat' one might be persuaded to conclude that there was indeed an earlier airing of And the Moon Be Still As Bright. But for now this remains hearsay, since no one claiming to offer countervailing proof is providing any of it. No surprises there--not to us, anyway. We're more inclined to agree with 'nightkey' that, given the dates for the two alleged airings of And the Moon Be Still As Bright--55-04-22 and 55-09-22--that whatever annotations have been observed on any original transcriptions or tapes of And the Moon Be Still As Bright are simply typos, off by only one digit [a hand-written '4' is easily mistaken for a hand-written '9']. A completely understandable mistake, given the over 12,000 original transcription labels we seen firsthand ourselves.
  • We're also honor bound to observe that while Mr. Widner often cites the radioGOLDINdex as highly error-prone and unreliable, we've found that Mr. Widner's research has been equally error-plagued over the years. Given the fact that Mr. Goldin has logged some 24,000 Radio canons, he'd be forgiven the occasional typo or mistake. None of us are perfect. That's the very nature of historical resesarch. But at least Mr. Goldin--and us as well--admit that we're most definitely fallible. Apparently Mr. Widner isn't fallible in the least. Take that observation for what it's worth. One can't help but be reminded of the 'glass house' analogy.
  • It's been our bitter experience, in various forums, that 'credentialed OTR experts' seem to delight in criticizing others' research or observations [usually with only hearsay or the most specious 'proof' to back it up]--it's the taking criticism themselves part they have trouble dealing with. They're also usually very careful to criticize others' work only in forums in which their targets have no 'voice' or means of responding. And indeed, it's that kind of cowardly arrogance and self-appointed omniscience that persuaded us to undertake our Definitive Collection of Vintage Radio logs in the first place. In this instance, according to Mr. Widner anyway, his 1996 Dimension X/X Minus One book was the be-all, end-all for both series'. We respectfully beg to differ.
  • Hearsay and wishful thinking remain the coin of the realm in the world of commercial OTR. No one offers any tangible proof, relying only on their hearsay connections and correspondence as offers of 'proof'--without ever once backing any of it up. And so the questions continue . . .

Given all the altering mischief and commercial OTR misinformation, it's unlikely that a full, intact run of X Minus One will again surface anytime soon in the vintage Radio collecting community. We can't say as we blame those in possession of an intact run, from whatever sources they were originally assembled, for withholding them from further release. This is yet another manifestation of otr commerce destroying circulating, historical Radio recordings--and history. We'd hoped that shining a light on some of this otr butchery would provide a chilling effect on the practice. But it seems that the practice continues unabated as long as casual collectors and organized otr groups continue to tolerate and perpetuate such desecration--more's the pity for generations to follow.

The mantra we hear and read, day in, day out in the otr community is, "So what if it's wrong? We just like listening to what we pay for or download." In this instance, we can't help wondering outloud why anyone would prefer an edited for time version of X Minus One to the fully-scripted, unedited version--for the same price, or download time.

What you see here, is what you get. Complete transparency. We have no 'credentials' whatsoever--in any way, shape, or form--in the 'otr community'--none. But here's how we did it--for better or worse. Here's how you can build on it yourselves--hopefully for the better. Here's the breadcrumbs--just follow the trail a bit further if you wish. No hobbled downloads. No misdirection. No posturing about our 'credentials.' No misrepresentations. No strings attached. We point you in the right direction and you're free to expand on it, extend it, use it however it best advances your efforts.

We ask one thing and one thing only--if you employ what we publish, attribute it, before we cite you on it.

We continue to provide honest research into these wonderful Golden Age Radio programs simply because we love to do it. If you feel that we've provided you with useful information or saved you some valuable time regarding this log--and you'd like to help us even further--you can help us keep going. Please consider a small donation here:

We don't pronounce our Golden Age Radio research as 'certified' anything. By the very definition, research is imperfect. We simply tell the truth. As is our continuing practice, we provide our fully provenanced research results--to the extent possible--right here on the page, for any of our peers to review--or refute--as the case may be. If you take issue with any of our findings, you're welcome to cite any better verifiable source(s) and we'll immediately review them and update our findings accordingly. As more verifiable provenances surface, we'll continue to update the following series log, as appropriate.

All rights reserved by their respective sources. Article and log copyright 2009 The Digital Deli Online--all rights reserved. Any failure to attribute the results of this copywritten work will be rigorously pursued.

The X Minus One Radio Program Log

Date Episode Title Avail. Notes
And the Moon Be Still As Bright
No provenance of any kind exists for this alleged 'Audition'
No Contact!
Premiere on Sunday
55-04-24 Zanesville Signal - Speaking of time, a new show takes the air tonight. Called "X Minus One" it is a special series of adult science-fiction adventures in which one lives in a million "could be" years on a thousand "maybe worlds." This new feature will be heard on NBC-WHIZ tonight at 8.

55-04-28 Racine Journal
the theme of another program
series which begins tonight at
6:30 over NBC radio. Titled
X Minus One, it will dramatize
interstellar expeditions, invasions
from other planets expesions
from other planets, expe
chines" and others. "
No Contact!,"
a tale of mutiny on a
space ship bound for a planet
named Volta, is the first story
The Parade
55-05-01 Post-Standard
X Minus One Invaders from outer space conquer New York City in "
The Parade," another strange and chilling science-fiction adventure. At 8:00 P.M.
Mars Is Heaven
55-05-12 Hayward Daily Review
Radiowise, there's KNBC's "X Minus One" (7:30 p.m. Sundays). Latter production this week offered a Ray Bradbury creation called "
Mars Is Heaven."
During the course of the spine-tickling half-hour, a small group of rocket ship travelers landed on Mars and encountered long-dead relatives. Too late, it occurred to two of the travelers that perhaps this was a trick by the Martians to separate and capture their party.
That's how the program closed. With the discovery that the Martians had used a special type of mental telepathy and thought control to recall happy memories' for the Earthmen. The "dead relatives" suddenly changed back into fiendish Martians. '
55-05-15 Corpus Christi Caller-Times
What would it be like to live a lifetime in a world no longer than a giant rocket ship, bound on an endless journey into outer space? That is the problem explored in "
Universe," the science-fiction adventure of X MINUS ONE tonight at 7 on KRIS.
55-05-22 Corpus Christi Caller-Times
The story of
the last man on earth and his struggle to outwit invaders form space and to keep alive the human race will be told on X MINUS ONE tonight at 7 p.m. on KRIS.
The Man In the Moon
55-05-29 Corpus Christi Caller-Times
Scientists disappear but no one believes a warning that they have been abducted to the moon in the X MINUS ONE adventure tonight at 7 on KRIS. Program announces Pyrigi's Wonderful Dolls for next week.
Perigi's Wonderful Dolls
Program announces this story concludes the present series of X Minus One.

The Green Hills of Earth
Program resumes next series on Thursdays
55-07-07 Long Beach Press-Telegram
"X Minus One," the science-fiction radio adventure formerly heard on Sundays, pops up on KFI
as a replacement for "Barrie Craig" at 7:35 p.m. Initial airer tells of a blind spaceman who travels around the solar system.
Dr Grimshaw's Sanitorium
Dr Grimshaw's Sanitorium

55-07-14 Long Beach Independent
7:30 KVI--X Minus One "
Dr. Grimshaw's Sanitarium."
55-07-21 Long Beach Independent
7:30 KVI--X Minus One "
The Embassy
55-07-28 San Antonio Light
That clever thriller
about a Martian embassy in New York will be broadcast on X Minus One at 8:05 p.m. Thursday over WOAI.
The Veldt
Almost Human
55-08-18 Long Beach Press-Telegram
- KFI--X Minus One "Courtesy" 7:30 The story of a second expedition of earthmen to land on a distant planet and of the illness that strikes them is on "X Minus One."
Cold Equations
Cold Equation
55-08-25 Long Beach Press-Telegram
- KFI--X Minus One "
The Cold Equations" A girl ignores regulations during rocket trip into outer-space and this lead to an "X Minus One" adventure on KFI at 7:35 p.m.
55-09-01 Long Beach Press-Telegram
- A wealthy young man whose family owns a fleet of rocket ships is shanghaied furing "X Minus One" on KFI at 7:55 p.m. "Shanghaied."
The Martian Death March
55-09-08 Long Beach Press-Telegram
- Aftrer men from earth have captured Mars and put the Martians in semi-captivity the prisoners rise up to do battle once more in the year 1997 during "X Minus One" on KFI at 7:35 p.m. "Martian Death March."
The Castaways
55-09-15 Syracuse Herald Journal
X Minus One at 9:05 An original science fiction tale, "The Castaways," tells how a mysterious tribe of natives succeeds in obstructing an A-Bomb test in the Pacific.
And the Moon Be Still As Bright
Title Unknown
Preempted in some markets for World Series Game Two between the Yankees and Dodgers.

Program aired in California, parts of New York, in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Utah, New Hampshire, and Ohio.
First Contact
55-10-06 Syracuse Herald Journal
X Minus One at 9:05 A science-fiction adventure titled "First Contact," describes what happens when an earth-based space ship suddenly encounters an alien ship in what was previously thought to have been uninhabited outer space.
Title Unknown Preempted in some markets for a music special.

Program aired in Ohio, Massachusetts and New Hampshire
Child's Play
Hello, Tomorrow
Dwellers In Silence

The Outer Limit
Resumes airing on Wednesdays

55-11-16 Zanesville Signal
The Vital Factor" by Nelson Bond and adapted by Howard Rodman, is the, story of a multimillionaire who wants to launch the first space ship He is stymied when no one can develop a power plant capable of propelling the craft beyond the earth's atmosphere, until an odd little man proposes the "anti-gravity principle" and joins the financier for the surprise filled flight Listen to X MINUS ONE tonight on WHIZ at 8 p m

Zero Hour
An alleged, 15-minute, stand alone broadcast of Zero Hour. In all likelihood, the 15-minute, stand alone recording of Zero Hour that was a promo for X Minus One.

55-11-23 Zanesville Signal
The Vital Factor" by Nelson Bond and adapted by Howard Rodman, is the story of a multimillionaire who wants to launch the first space ship. He is stymied when no one can develop a power plant capable of propelling the craft beyone the earth's atmosphere, until an odd little man proposes the "anti-gravity principle" and joins the financier for the surprise filled flight. Listen to X MINUS ONE tonight on WHIZ at 8 p.m.

55-11-23 Lowell Sun
The Vital Factor," story of a multimillionaire who wants to launch the first space ship. WRZ, 8.
The Vital Factor

55-11-30 Zanesville Signal - X MINUS ONE can be heard tonight at 8. This is an exciting adult science-fiction series which presents another amazing story that will whisk the listeners into the incredible world of the future.

To the Future
55-12-14 Zanesville Signal
X MINUS ONE-presents another
amazing, story in an incredible and
surprise-filled world of the future
tonight at 8 o'clock. This is the
exciting adult science-fiction series
you'll want to hear.
Marionettes, Incorporated
A Logic Named Joe
55-12-28 Zanesville Signal
A Logic Named Joe,'' written by Murray Leinster and adapted by Claris Ross takes place in the world of the future when every family owns a small electronic brain called a ''logic,'' which answers most questions and solves problems. However, one freakish ''logic'' is made which, when turned on, unsets all the others and makes them give surprising and embarrassing answers to questions no one dares ask. See ''X Minus One'' tonight at 8 o'clock.
The Roads Must Roll
Time and Time Again
56-01-11 Lowell Sun
X MINUS ONE: A young boy awakens on the day the first A-bomb is dropped and suddenly discovers he can foretell the future for the next 30 years, in "
Time and Time Again"; WBZ, 9:30.
Perigi's Wonderful Dolls
56-01-18 Lowell Sun
Pyrigi's Wonderful Dolls," story of an unusual dollmaker;" WBZ, 9:30.
The Parade
56-01-25 Lowell Sun
X MINUS ONE: A mysterious man convinces a press agent to stage a large parade welcoming the Martians; WBZ, 9:30.
The Cave of Night
56-02-01 Wisconsin State Journal
8:30 p.m.--X Minus One (WIBA): "
The Cave of Night."
The C-Chute
56-02-08 Lowell Sun
X MINUS ONE: A distant and long-forgotten Earth settlement fears it must sanction crime in order to continue its Ethopian existence, in "
Skulking Permit"; WBZ, 9:30.
Skulking Permit
56-02-15 Post-Standard
Skulking Permit" will be the X Minus One story at 9:30 p.m. WSYR radio. It's the tale of a distant and long-forgotten Earth settlement that must suddenly sanction crime in order to continue its Utopian existence.
56-02-22 Post-Standard
X Minus One, at 9:30 p.m. on WSYR radio, will tell of "
Junkyard." The crewmen of an interstellar survey rocket from earth find they might fight a mysterious force that makes them lose their memory.
Hello, Tomorrow
56-02-29 Syracuse Herald Journal
A GUN FOR DINOSAUR" is the X Minus One drama on WSYR at 9:30 tonight. It's a science fiction tale about a strange safari of hunters who use a time machine to go into the past and pit modern weapons against prehistoric animals.
A Gun For Dinosaur
56-03-07 Post-Standard
Tunnel Under the World," a science-fiction thriller adapted from a tale in Galaxy Magazine, will be heard on X Minus One at 9:30 p.m., WSYR radio. It concerns a man who awakens from a nightmare to realize that he and everyone are living the same day over and over again but only one other person is aware of it.
The Tunnel Under the World
Tunnel Under the World
56-03-14 Post-Standard
X Minus One, at 9:30 p.m. on WSYR radio, offers Frederick Pohl's "
Tunnel Under the World," (originally scheduled for March 7). This is the story of a man who awakens from a nightmare to realize that he and everyone else are living the same day over and over again, but only one other person is aware of it.
A Thousand Dollars A Plate
One Thousand Dollars A Plate
$1,000 A Plate
56-03-21 Post-Standard
Scientists and gamblers on Mars match wits in tonight's X Minus One story, 9:30 p.m., WSYR radio. The play is titled "
$1,000 a Plate."
A Pail Of Air
56-03-28 Post-Standard
X Minus One at 9:30 p.m. on WSYR radio will stage "A Pail of Air" by Fritz Leiber. It's a strange account of how people who survive a catastrophe which alters the earth's orbit live by melting chunks of frozen air.

Moves to Tuesday Evenings
Star Bright
56-04-10 Post-Standard
At 8:30 p.m. on WSYR radio, X Minus One will offer "
Star Bright." In it the extraordinarily high I.Q. of a two-year-old girl and her friends cause woes for their parents and lead to a startling climax.
The Sense Of Wonder
Sea Legs
The Seventh Order
Hallucination Orbit
The Defenders
Speculative Fiction Database
Project Mastadon
If You Was A Moklin
Project Trojan
Wherever You May Be
Mr Costello, Hero
Bad Medicine
The Old Die Rich
Announces premiere of Bob Considine On The Line and Galaxy Magazine article, This Way, To the Regress

56-07-22 San Antonio Light
Radio Highlights
On the Line (WOAI, 5:15 p. m.). Bob Considine debuts in a quarter-hour news program.
Stars Are the Styx
Student Body
The Last Martian
56-08-07 Wisconsin State Journal
7 p.m.—X Minus One (WIBA): "The Last Martian."
The Snowball Effect
56-08-14 Wisconsin State Journal
7 p.m.—X Minus One (WIBA): "The Snowball Effect."
Pre-empted for Republican Convention in some markets

Program aired in Idaho, Nevada and Indiana
Surface Tension
The Tunnel Under the World
The Lifeboat Mutiny
Title Unknown
Program aired in Pennsylvania, Idaho and South Dakota

The Map Makers
Protective Mimicry
Soldier Boy
Pictures Don't Lie
Sam, This Is You
Appointment In Tomorrow
56-11-07 Zanesville Signal
A STRUGGLE for power between pseudo and genuine scientists at tie end of World War III is the subject of tonight's story on X MINUS ONE to be heard at 9 o'clock The story by Fritz Leiber entitled, "Appointment in Tomorrow," was adapted for radio by Ernest Kinoy
The Martian Death March
56-11-14 Zanesville Signal
The Martian Death March" written by Ernest Kinoy, is the "story of the abortive revolt by Martians, who have, been under'the strict control of colonizing earth people. Tune in for this, unusual story tonight on WHIZ at 9 o'clock.
Chain of Command
56-11-21 Zanesville Signal
A RODENT revolution threatens the security of the United States in "
Chain of Command" tonight on X MINUS ONE at 9 o'clock. This is a science fiction program which concerns a family of mice who have gamed the power of speech due to prolonged exposure to atomic rays. Self expression breeds dissatisfaction, and the mice's complaints about their lot lead to consternation in high places. "Chain of Command" was adapted for radio by George Lefferts.
The Castaways
56-11-28 Zanesville Signal
THE CASTAWAYS, an original radio drama by Ernest Kinoy, tells of the apparent mass suicide of 100 natives of a Pacific atoll, in protest against a proiected H-bomb test. When the bomb fails to go off two men, a general, and the scientist, in charge of the project go to the atoll, to investigate. Only, one of them returns. You don't want to miss the weird conclusion of this drama on X MINUS ONE night at 9 o'clock.
'There Will Come Soft Rains' and 'Zero Hour'
56-12-05Zanesville Signal
DEPARTING from its usual iormat: tonight. X MINUS ONE presents two . short stories, both by Ray Bradbury. "
Zero Hour" is a tense portrayal of the roles alayed by a group of children during a threatened, invasion of earth from outer space. "There Shall, Come Soft Rains" is the narrative "character study" of the sole surviving object of an atomic attack -- a mechanized house. Listen to this award - winning -science- fiction program tonight at 9.
The Reluctant Heroes
56-12-19 Zanesville Signal
THE RELUCTANT HEROES," adapted, by Emest Kmoy, is the title of the X MINUS ONE story to be heard tonight at 9 o'clock. This story is all about a veteran stationed on the moon, who becomes homesick for earth. When his furlough comes up he is determined to go home . . . but something happens that changes his mind.
Honeymoon In Hell
56-12-26 Zanesville Signal
WHEN a discrepancy develops jetween the rate of girl and boy >abies, frightened statisticians conclude that there will soon be an end to the human race, in Fredenck Brown's drama, "
Honeymoon in Hell" the X MINUS ONE story tonight at 9 o'clock A young couple is selected and sent to another planet in a plan o preserve humanity The play was adapted for radio bv George Lefferts You won't want to miss this strange but absorbing drama
The Moon Is Green
Saucer Of Loneliness
57-01-09 Zanesville Signal
WHILE strolling through the park one day, a young girl meets a flying saucer, in the X MINUS ONE drama by Theodore Sturgeon. Don't miss "
Saucer of Lonliness" tonight on WHIZ at 9 o'clock.

Announces Galaxy Magazine story,
I Am A Nucleus
The Girls from Earth
[Changes to 25-minute format]
Open Warfare
Venus Is a Man's World
The Trap
Field Study
57-02-20 Zanesville Signal
THE X MINUS ONE story tonight "
Field Study," by Peter Phillips, tells of a professional investigator who is called on to delve into the seemingly exaggerated claims of a faith healer. He becomes quite friendly with the man, and makes a startling discovery. You won't want to miss the surprising results, so tune in at 9:05 tonight.
Real Gone
The Seventh Victim
The Lights On Precipice Peak
57-03-13 Zanesville Signal
X MINUS ONE presents "
The Lights on Precipice Peak," by Stephen Tall, tonight at 9:05. This is a story of mysterious flashes of light on a mountain top and their strange cause. An investigation of the lights leads to the discovery of inhabitants of another planet. Ernest Kinoy adapted the short story for radio.
57-03-20 Zanesville Signal
A MAN is about to step unsuspectingly in front of an onrushing truck when he hears a voice warning him away, in Robert Sheckley's drama "
Protection," on X INUS ONE tonight at 9:05. He turns to thank his benefactor, but there is no one there, and when the warnings are repeated in other situations he realizes that he is being protected by a mysterious and unknown force.
At the Post
Martian Sam
57-04-03 Zanesville Signal
A BASEBALL coach discovers a rookie ball-player of colossal ability in tonight's play, "
Martian Sam," on X MINUS ONE at 9:05. The tyro can hit, field, run and throw as well as anyone in the history of the game. The only problem is...he's a Martian! Ernest Kinoy's whimsical salute to the approaching baseball season was written especially for "X Minus One."
Something For Nothing
Announces Galaxy Magazine article, Founding Father
The Discovery Of Morniel Mathaway
Discovery Of Morniel Mathaway
57-04-17 IN tonight's drama, '"The Discovery of Morniel Mathaway," on X MINUS ONE at 9:05, a stranger "from the future" visits a disreputable painter. The visitor explains that he ahs won the right to journey into the past and has selected the artist as the gratest painter he has ever known. The story was written by William Tenn and adapted for radio by Ernest Kinoy.

57-04-13 Zanesville Signal
9:05 p.m. X MINUS ONE--Tonight in "
The Discovery of Morniel Hathaway" a stranger from the future visits a disreputable painter.
Man's Best Friend
Program announces end of current series. New season will begin June 20 on Thursdays

Inside Story
Announces Galaxy Magazine article, Time Waits for Winthrop
The Category Inventor
Announces Galaxy Magazine article, If Money, by Galouye
Skulking Permit
Announces Galaxy Magazine article, Blaze of Glory, by Silverberg
Early Model
The Merchant Of Venus
The Haunted Corpse
End As A World
The Scapegoat
57-08-08 Zanesville Signal
TONIGHT "X Minus One" presents "
The Scapegoat" written by Richard Maples. This is an exciting tale about a newspaper reporter who rescues an old man from an assault by an angry youth and learns that an ace of kindness may pay off in danger.
At the Post
Announces Galaxy Magazine article, The Dark Star, by William Tenn
Drop Dead
Saucer Of Loneliness
57-09-05 Times Recorder
HOUNDED by police, security agents and curiosity seekers, a confused and lonely girl who had found a miniature flyling saucer in the park will not reveal the secret she had received from it. "
Saucer of Loneliness," by Theodore Sturgeon, is the story of her attempts to withhold that secret and of the newspaperman who finally won her confidence. Listen to X MINUS ONE tonight on WHIZ Radio at 8:05.

Galaxy Magazine article, Robots Are Nice?
The Old Die Rich
57-09-12 Zanesville Signal
X MINUS ONE can be heard on NBC and WHIZ tonight at 8:05. Imaginative dramatizations of adult science-fiction stories that transport the listener into ''the amazing world of the future.''
The Native Problem
57-09-26 Zanesville Times-Recorder
X MINUS ONE presents "
The Native Problem," by Robert Sheckley tonight at 8:05. The story is about a social misfit who has taken refuge on a deserted planet. He soon discovers that his troubles are only beginning when colonists arrive from earth and mistake him for a hostile native.
A Wind Is Rising
The Wind Is Rising
57-10-03 Zanesville Signal
NBC Radio's X MINUS ONE will present Finn O'Donovan's "
A Wind Is Rising'' tonight at 8:05. This is the story of two men sent to a wild and remote planet to study it as a possible fueling station. One of the difficulties they encounter is imposed by the high velocity winds. The story was adapted for radio by George Lefferts. Don't miss this exciting science-fiction story tonight.
Death Wish
57-10-10 Zanesville Signal
WHEN the firing mechanism of their rocket breaks down three men find themselves hurtling through space at unprecedented velocity in "
Death Wish" by Ned Lang, The story tells of the crew's frantic efforts to bring the ship under control before it takes them out of the Solar System Don't miss this exciting X MINUS ONE presentation tonight on WHIZ at 8-05.
Point Of Departure
57-10-10 Zanesville Signal
X MINUS ONE can be heard on NBC and WHIZ tonight at 8:05. Imaginative dramatizations of adult science-fiction stories that transport the listener into ''the amazing world of the future.''
The Light
57-10-24 Zanesville Signal
WHEN the three - man crew of the first spaceship to the moon arrive, they find that someone has been there before them. The identity of the real pioneers to the moon, however, amazes the trio. Tonight's dramatization is based on Paul Anderson's story from Galaxy magazine entitled "
The Light" and was adapted by William Welch. Tune in for X MINUS ONE, the science - fiction drama, on NBC and WHIZ at 8:05.
57-10-31 Zanesville Signal
LISTEN to X MINUS ONE tonight on WHIZ at 8.05. A completely automatic space ship, endowed with a "mind of its own' "falls in love" with the crew and plans to elope to the farthest reaches of the universe in Clifford D. Simak's exciting story "
Lulu," which was adapted for radio by George Lefferts.
The Coffin Cure

57-11-07 Zanesville Signal
WHEN a group of scientists discover a serum which completely cures the common cold, in Alan Nourse's "
The-Coffin Cure." an alarming problem develops. Listen to X MINUS ONE tonight at 8:05.
No Broadcast
The Coffin Cure
57-11-21 Zanesville Signal
X MINUS ONE presents ''
The Coffin Cure,'' tonight at 8:05. This program was originally scheduled for November 7th, but was preempted on that date by a special broadcast. This is Alan Nourse's story about a team of scientists who discover a cure for the common cold by face a problem more serious than the disease itself.
Shock Troop
57-11-28 Zanesville Signal
X MINUS ONE, tonight at 8:05, will present Daniel Galouye's ''
Shock Troop," the story of a man threatened by germ-like creatures from another planet who are bent on his destruction. However, they overlook one detail which drastically effects their project. The story was adapted for radio by George Lefferts.
The Haunted Corpse
57-12-05 Zanesville Signal
X MINUS ONE can be heard tonight at 8:05. In tonight's story an old scientist clashes with an army colonel who has been sent to guard the scientist's invention . . . an amazing machine which can transform a person from one body to another. Frederick Pohl's "
The Haunted Corpse" was adapted for radio by William Welch.

Title Unknown
57-12-12 Zanesville Signal
X MINUS ONE can be heard on NBC and WHIZ tonight at 8:05. Tune in for unusual science fiction drama.
Double Dare
57-12-19 Zanesville Signal
TONIGHT at 8:05 X MINUS ONE presents Robert Silverberg's ''
Double Dare.'' This is an exciting story of two engineers from Earth who face difficulties and surprises when they are challenged by an elien plante to duplicate some of its more advanced technological inventions.
Target One
57-12-26 Zanesville Signal
IN THE year 1990, with the world devastated by an atomic war, a group of scientists develop a time machine capable of taking them in the past. They hope to correct the mistakes of history by eliminating their source . . a brilliant young scientist. Don't miss X MINUS ONE tonight at 8:05 when they present Frederick Pohl's ''
Target One,'' the story of a group of scientists who try to alter the present by re-creating the past.

Bromo Quinine spot at close
Prime Difference
58-01-02 Zanesville Signal
X MINUS ONE tonight at 8:05 presents Alan E. Nourse's "
Prime Difference," the amusing story of a business man who uses a robot for an unusual purpose. The robots which resemble human beings in every feature and characteristic is used to trick the man's shrewish wife.
Gray Flannel Armor
58-01-09 Zanesville Signal
MANLEY was a clean - cut alert, industrious young man, indistinguishable from thousands of others on Madison Avenue. But a hidden spark of romance in Manley's nature made him fair game for some remarkable enterprising merchandiscrs. Listen to "
Gray Flannel Armor" on X MINUS ONE tonight on NBC and WHIZ it 8:05.

The X Minus One Radio Program Log [Nightline Rebroadcasts / Omnibus Revivals]

Date Episode Title Avail. Notes
End As A World
[Monitor / Omnibus]
Target One -- The Haunted Corpse
[Monitor / Omnibus]
The Iron Chancellor
[Monitor / Omnibus]

AFRTS END 483 'X Minus One' Program Log

Generic Stars and Stripes masthead

Date Episode Title Avail. Notes
55-05-15 Universe
55-06-05 Perigi's Wonderful Dolls
Dr Grimshaw's Sanitorium
Dr Grimshaw's Sanitarium
56-02-04 Pacific Stars and Stripes
Science Fiction Doctor Brings Chills to New 'X Minus One' TOKYO (S&S)--A spine-tingling tale entitled "
Dr. Grimshaw's Sanatorium" will be presented on "X Minus One" at 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, marking the initial debut of the new science-fiction series over the Far East Network.
The Veldt
Cold Equations
First Contact
56-04-21 Pacific Stars and Stripes
First Contest" is the exciting science fiction story on "X Minus One" at 9:30 p.m. A rocket shipo contacts an alien ship 18 light years away from Earth.
Child's Play
To the Future
Marionettes, Incorporated
The Roads Must Roll
The Parade
If You Was A Moklin
56-11-05 The Seventh Order
56-11-05 Pacific Stars and Stripes
X Minus One at 9:30 p.m. tells about a human machine that arrives from outer space to conquer the earth. Human resourcefulness eventually conquers this invincible machine of "
The Seventh Order".
The Castaways
56-12-02 Mr. Costello
56-12-02 Pacific Stars and Stripes
X Minus One presents an unusual story of
Mr. Costello, who is a collector. He collects voices via a pocket-watch tape recorder. Listening time, 9:30 p.m.
Venus Is A Man's World
57-02-13 The Trap
57-02-20 Field Study
57-03-06 The Seventh Victim
57-03-27 At the Post
57-04-17 The Discovery of Morniel Mathaway
57-04-24 Man's Best Friend
57-06-20 Inside Story
57-06-27 The Category Inventor
57-07-11 Early Model
57-07-25 The Haunted Corpse
57-08-01 End As A World
57-08-08 The Scapegoat
57-08-15 At the Post
57-08-22 Drop Dead
57-08-29 Volpla
57-09-19 Tsylana
57-09-26 The Native Problem
57-10-03 A Wind Is Rising
57-10-10 Death Wish
57-10-17 Point Of Departure
57-10-24 The Light
57-11-28 The Coffin Cure
57-11-28 Shock Troop
57-12-19 Double Dare
57-12-26 Target One
58-01-02 Prime Difference

The X Minus One Radio Program Biographies

Ernest Kinoy
(Adapter; Writer; Author; Playwright; Director; Social Activist; Screenwriter; President, Writers Guild of America--East)

(1925 - )

Birthplace: Unkown

Education: Columbia University

1963, 1964, and 1977
Emmy Awards for Best Screenwriter
Writer's Guild Of America--East; Christopher Award
Vermont Governor's Award for Excellence in the Arts

2007 Vermont Congressional Joint Resolution 133, commending Ernest Kinoy for his body of work

1941 The Story Of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
1946 The Columbia Workshop
1947 Nick Carter
1948 Radio City Playhouse
1948 The World's Greatest Novels
1948 NBC University Theatre
1949 The Eternal Light
1950 Living 1950
1950 Dimension X
1951 Short Story
1951 The New Theatre
1951 Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator
1952 Best Plays
1953 The Marriage
1953 Rocky Fortune
1954 Dr Six-Gun
1954 Inheritance
1955 X Minus One
1973 Project 73
1973 Future Tense
1977 The Grip Of Terror
1990 Audition Theatre

Ernest Kinoy, c. 1955
Ernest Kinoy, c. 1955

Playbill for the Stage Version of Kinoy's 'Golden Rainbow'
Playbill for the Stage Version of Kinoy's 'Golden Rainbow'

Astounding Magazine ad for Dimension X episode
Astounding Magazine ad for Dimension X episode

Astounding Magazine ad for X Minus One on Radio
Astounding Magazine ad for X Minus One on Radio

Ernest Kinoy was one of the most prolific and respected writers of Stage, Screen, Television and Radio. Though most often associated with his Science Fiction radioplays, his Radio work spans the entire gamut of genres from The Golden Age of Radio. His Radio writing was perhaps overshadowed by his later fame as a screenwriter for Television, but it's his prodigious output throughout the Golden Age of Radio that has consistently reached the greatest number of ardent admirers.

The son of public school teachers, Kinoy's sense of both moral and social obligation were basic tenets of his upbringing, and are reflected over and over again throughout his body of work. Kinoy enlisted in the Army during World War II, and upon his return to civilian life became a staff writer for NBC. His career with NBC spanned over twelve years of The Golden Age of Radio, and the earliest years of The Golden Age of Television.

During his NBC years his talents were tapped for both radioplays and television screenplays. During his tenure with NBC, his prolific output and extremely fast script-writing served both parties well. Remembered most for his Science Fiction series', Dimension X and X Minus One, he was equally busy with straight radio drama, such as The Marriage for Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy and NBC University Theatre, westerns such as Doctor Six Gun, detective drama such Barry Craig and Rocky Fortune, and stage play adaptations such as NBC's Best Plays.

During his college years at Columbia University he met and married Barbara Powers, who eventually became a leading light in her own right as a Doctor of Psychotherapy specializing in Eating Disorders. Married in 1948, their marriage endured 59 years until Dr. Powers-Kinoy's passing in 2007 of protracted pneumonia. Both of the Kinoys were social activists and jointly and separately contributed much of their respective careers to addressing social injustice and mental health issues.

Ernest Kinoy's biography was by no means limited to his Radio work which, by itself, comprised well over 340 adaptations and original radioplays. His work in Television spanned the second half of his life and garnered him two Emmy Awards and three other Emmy nominations. Three of his books were also adapted to The Stage.

Despite a highly active professional life, he also found time to serve the Writers Guild of America--East, as their President for three years. He was also the recipient of three of the Guild's most prestigious writing awards.

Mr. Kinoy, now 83, and still one of Radio's treasures, remains actively semi-retired in Vermont.

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