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At this time we can offer two convenient ways to complete your donations for access to the archives:

(Click the PayPal Icon to donate by Credit Card or eCheck, or the 'Donate With Cash' Icon to Donate by Cash or Check)

1. Donate conveniently online through a secure PayPal Donation.

PayPal is a convenient way for you to use your credit cards online. For more information, check out PayPal's Main Page at www.paypal.com.

Note: Successful Donations through PayPal will be processed within 24 hours (usually less than 1 hour) and the Download Credits applied to your account immediately.

-- Or --

2. Send us your donation via postal mail, with either cash, a check or postal money order.


Note: Donations through postal mail will be processed as follows:

1. Postal Money orders will be processed, deposited and credited within 24 hours of receipt.

2. Donations by personal check will be processed, deposited and credited within 24 hours of clearing your Bank the first time. Subsequent checks drawn on the same account and bank will be processed, deposited and credited just as with Postal Money Orders.
Please Click on the PayPal Icon or Pay With Cash Icon above which corresponds to your choice