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Please take a few moments to read the Terms and Conditions for Access to Our FTP Server before you proceed.

Terms and Conditions of digitaldeliftp.com, The Digital Deli, and its partners hereunder referrred to as The Digital Deli in this agreement:
I (the borrower, or subscribing member) agree to:
    • Hold The Digital Deli harmless from liability against any problems arising from technical difficulties, Acts of God, and situations where downloads are disrupted or cut off by events beyond the control of the Site Operator.
    • Promptly notify--via email, postal mail or phone--the Site Operators when experiencing any difficulty, and to accept a three for one download credit for any recording found to be in error or unusable.
    • Recognize that every diligent attempt has been made to ensure that no copyright or trademarks rights are being abridged within the archive. I will bring any suspected copyright infringement questions regarding the recordings within the archive to the immediate attention of the site operators first, offering the site operators the opportunity to remedy any suspected infringement by withdrawing access to the recordings in question.
    • Stay within the prescribed areas of The Digital Deli Web and FTP Sites and not engage in the practice of hacking or probing prohibited areas of The Site.
    • I understand that any deliberate or malicious attempt to hack The Site, steal The Site's archives, or in any other way disrupt the operation of the FTP Archive or The Digital Deli Website will be met with immediate cancellation of my subscriber account and any credits contained therein..
    • Credit Balances will be honored for 91 days from the donation date. Upon 30 days notice to Subscribers, any unused credits unable to be delivered via FTP due to unforeseen closure of the site will be reimbursed on a pro-rata basis at the election of The Digital Deli. An account which is not active for 91 days or more will be considered abandoned and deleted unless other arrangements are made. Active subcribers of more than one year in duration will never have their accounts zeroed out unless requested to do so. We value your loyalty above all.
    • NOTICE TO NEWSGROUP and 'Hub' USERS: Any files identified as from our collection found on newsgroups, BitTorrents, Forums, or hubs will be grounds for immediate suspension of access to The Collection, forfeiture of any remaining credit balance, and zero balance applied to the subscriber account. We regret even having to add this notice. Please understand why it's necessary of late. Requests to post our content on Forums are handled on a case by case basis--email us for details.
    • If you have a valid need or requirement to distribute our recordings publicly, we're happy to discuss an alternative arrangement--and we have, often. Just drop us a line.
    • NOTICE regarding PayPal Donations: All PayPal charge-backs or holds will incur a $20.00 surcharge for each chargeback or hold. We are deeply indebted to any effort to support us, but we simply can't bear the costs associated with chargebacks without passing it back to the subscriber.
    • The Digital Deli Online reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, unilaterally.
I agree to the terms and conditions of subscription to The Digital Deli as set forth above.
I do not agree to the terms and conditions of subscription to The Digital Deli as set forth above