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Browsers by Platform

Bloatware, Bloatware, Bloatware. It's still the bane of corporate browsers.

The good news is that numerous open-source, standards-based browsers are making inroads into Internet Explorer's traditional domination. Here's a long overdue update on the best, brightest, safest and fastest browsers among the current crop.

Opera Browsers Opera 10.63 Browser

Opera has continued to persuade a growing body of international browser users of its lightweight, speed, safety and standards-based. With Opera 10.63 users can obtain a growing list of extensions, widgets and Opera Software. The new 11.0 beta is also gaining wide popularity.

Digital Deli Online 5-star rated

Google chrome browser
The innovators that brought the most successful Internet search engine to the world have trumped that effort with an entire family of Internet applications, software and now, mobile operating systems. Google chrome is one of the fastest, most lightweight, and most sercure browsers in the world. The new chrome beta is gaining even more ground as the browser of choice internationally.

Digital Deli Online 4.5-star rated

Safari 5.0
First introduced in beta in 2003, Safari continues to gain both Mac and Windows platform users as their browser of choice. Safe, lightweight, highly extensible and secure, Safari continues to gain ground as one of the better corporate browsers. The downside, as a major corporation-produced browser is that Safari wants to take over one's entire computer much in the fashion of Internet Explorer.

Digital Deli Online 4.5-star rated


Mozilla Firefox 4.0 beta is Here! That's the good news. The bad news is Firefox 3.x continues to bedevil its users with quixotic errors and holes. Firefox runs on UNIX/Linux, Win9x/NT/Vista/7, Mac OSX, and has been compiled for other OS's as well. The 4.0 beta shows great promise. But now all the developers of Firefox 3.x addons will be scrambling to make them 4.0 compatible.

Digital Deli Online 3.5-star rated

Microsoft Internet Explorer Versions 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 5.5, and 6.02. (Version 7.0 not recommended anytime soon. It's a pig, full of holes, bloated code and Microsoft proprietary garbage--I.E. 8.0 is no better.) Needless to say, we're not big fans of Internet Explorer. Microsoft's continuing practice of arrogantly taking over one's system with any and all of its products--I.E. in particular. We realize that I.E. comes standard with the majority of new computers--and their operating systems. But if you're like us, you immediately set any other browser as your default once you're up and running on a new or upgraded machine. Beta 9.0 may be the answer. Only time will tell.

Digital Deli Online 3-star rated


Act, (not to be confused with the contact management software from Symantec) is a compact, fast freeware browser that supports HTML 3.2 and CSS, though not JavaScript.

Digital Deli Online 3-star rated


Activator, for Windows, now up to version 6.0, based partially on Microsoft Internet Explorer controls for full compatibility with ActiveX, Java, SSL, and other internet protocols. It also performs free MaxMTU registry settings which may increase browsing and download speeds to double or quadruple faster speeds.

Digital Deli Online 3-star rated


Amaya 10.0, is a comprehensive client environment for testing and evaluating new proposals for Web standards and formats. . . . The Amaya binary distribution is available for PC Linux, Sparc /Solaris, AIX, OSF/1, Windows (NT and 95). Users having other architectures are expected to compile the Amaya source code. Amaya works as an HTML editor as well as a browser.

Digital Deli Online 3.5-star rated


BrowseX (previously PDQ), is a smallish, fast, open-source browser (compiled for Linux and Windows) with macro processor. Now at Version 2.0

Digital Deli Online 3-star rated


Cello, version 1.01a for Windows running on a 386SX or above. Cello is a multipurpose Internet browser which allows access to the myriad information resources of the Internet. It supports WorldWideWeb, Gopher, FTP, CSO/ph/qi, and Usenet News retrievals natively, and other protocols (WAIS, Hytelnet, Telnet, and TN3270) through external clients and public gateways. It can be used to view hypermedia documents, including inlined images, text, and digital sounds and movies. Cello was developed by Thomas R. Bruce of the Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School.

Digital Deli 2-star Rated


NetClue, is a Java component that supports CSS.

Digital Deli Online 3-star rated


DocZilla 1.0 (previously MultiDocZilla), for XML and SGML as well as HTML; first for Windows, later for other OSes.

Digital Deli 2-star Rated

Emacs/W3, is a full-featured web browser, written entirely in Emacs-Lisp, that supports all the bells and whistles you will find in use on the web today, including frames, tables, stylesheets, and much more. Emacs/W3 runs on most major operating systems, including almost any flavor of Unix, Windows NT/95, AmigaDOS, OS/2, and VMS.

Espial Escape

Espial Escape, is a versatile [but no longer] compact Java browser.

Digital Deli 2-star Rated


HotJava 3.0: "A lightweight, highly customizable solution for OEMs and developers creating Web-enabled devices and applications. HotJava Browser's small footprint makes it an ideal, scalable solution for a variety of devices."

Digital Deli 4-star Rated

IAT demo

The QNX IAT demo disk, was a bootable diskette complete with TCP/IP software and the QNX Voyager browser. Believe it or not, you can browse the web even when your hard disk is dead, as long as your computer is still functional. (Choose between modem and LAN connection, and among English, Russian, and Japanese languages.)

Digital Deli Online 3-star rated


Jazilla, a Mozilla-based browser in pure Java.

Digital Deli Online 3-star rated


K-Meleon, "may be considered the unbloated Mozilla for Windows" To be released under the GPL. K-Meleon is an extremely fast, customizable, lightweight web browser for the win32 (Windows) platform based on the Gecko layout engine (the rendering engine of Mozilla). K-Meleon is free, open source software released under the GNU General Public License.

Digital Deli 2-star Rated

Lynx, is a text browser for the World Wide Web. Use it as an invaluable tool for seeing how 'text-friendly' your webpages are.    Lynx 2.8.3 runs on Un*x, VMS, Windows 95/98/NT but not 3.1 or 3.11, on DOS (386 or higher) and OS/2 EMX.  The  current developmental version is also available for testing.  Ports to Mac are in beta test.

Digital Deli 2-star Rated


Minuet 1.5, was designed to "will run on (virtually) any IBM compatible machines. It fits in 640K memory and can run in CGA mode, and can run on an 8088 class machine. It is now also capable to run in graphics mode."


NCSA Mosaic, was for Windows, Mac OS, and UNIX with X Windows. (It has also been ported elsewhere.) The basis of Mosaic Netscape (aka Netscape Navigator) and Spyglass Mosaic (and thence MS Internet Explorer), as well as many other browsers. Follow the link to the only extant resource repository for the remaining NCSA Mosaic browser.


MultiWeb, a browser for people with disabilities using Windows 3 and above.

Digital Deli Online 3-star rated


Netscape Navigator 7.2 (or Communicator), was for Windows, OS/2, Mac OS, and numerous flavors of UNIX. The program derives from Mosaic. This is the original Mosaic Netscape icon, from Mosaic Communications Corp. Our personal preference if using Netscape at all, is for version 4.76. AOL first ran it into the ground, bloated it up, then abandoned it. Follow the link to it's ignominious repository.

Digital Deli 2-star Rated


netomat, for the Mac, Windows, Linux, etc., invites you to have a dialogue with the web. It "has the feel of an anti-browser".

Digital Deli Online 3-star rated


Net-Tamer, a shareware program for DOS that includes a dialer, offline mail and news reader, and ftp client as well as the web browser. It requires 640K RAM, modem, and a floppy drive (720K or better) to run. There are three versions, one for computers up to 286, another for 386 or better, and a third for palmtops.

Digital Deli 2-star Rated


1X, was for Win9x/NT, offering ActiveX but yet managing to fit on a single diskette. "Support for animated GIFs -- now you won't have to miss the endless adverts on web site banners."

Web Prowler
(don't ask)

Web Prowler 5.10, was for Windows, "offering a professional, secure and user-friendly environment in which to 'surf'. Web Prowler 5.10 offers the highest security available in an internet browser. Any calls to 'Javascript' or 'ActiveX' are bypassed, and ignored, so that your computer is virtually hack-proof." (NB any decent browser either ignores or can be made to bypass Javascript and ActiveX.)

Web Stalker

"I.O.D. 4's The Web Stalker, is a older, high protein way to use the World Wide Web. [It's a program for Mac OS or Windows] which takes the functions of a normal proprietary browser but strips it down to be rebuilt as something faster, dirtier and more predatory." And if that isn't enough, consider: "Technical Innovation = Class War."

Digital Deli 2-star Rated


Cyberdog, was for the Mac, based on OpenDoc, produced by Apple, abandoned by Apple but not by its users.

Digital Deli 2-star Rated


Fizzilla, a MacMozilla based on CarbonLib. "Fizzilla made its public debut onstage at the MacOS X Session at Apple's WWDC '99. People liked it."

Digital Deli Online 3-star rated

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Camino 1.6 For Mac OS, and Solaris and HP flavors of UNIX.

Digital Deli Online 3-star rated

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer: For Mac OS, was and Solaris and HP flavors of UNIX.

First introduced in beta in 2003, Safari continues to gain both Mac and Windows platform users as their browser of choice. Safe, lightweight, highly extensible and secure, Safari continues to gain ground as one of the better corporate browsers. The downside, as a major corporation-produced browser is that Safari wants to take over one's entire computer much in the fashion of Internet Explorer.

Digital Deli Online 4.5-star rated

Ka Ho'okele

"Ua ho'oku'u 'ia Ka Ho'olele!" That's Navigator for the Mac, in Hawaiian.

Digital Deli 2-star Rated


MacLynx, a text-only browser that "should work on black and white Macs, and still support extended HTML features like frames, forms, cookies and proxies. . . . [B]ear in mind this is a beta release, and the user interface is not very Mac-like, yet."


MacWeb, a compact browser suitable for vintage Macs.

Digital Deli 2-star Rated


MacWWW, aka Samba, the original browser for the Mac. This is version 1.00. Still works well on system 7 and system 6.0.5

iCab is a web browser for the Macintosh.The development of iCab is not finished at the moment, some features of the final version are missing. You can get the current version of iCab at the download page. In the next few months better versions of iCab will be offered on our site.

Not Yet Rated

AvantGo, for the Pocket PC and Windows CE devices. And it's free.

Digital Deli Online 3-star rated

Unlike other mobile browsers, ThunderHawk doesn't rely on WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) or cHTML (Compact HyperText Markup Language). Simply stated, you can finally view your favorite Web sites just as they look on your desktop.ThunderHawk delivers entire HTML Web pages with sharp text and clear graphics, while eliminating the excessive scrolling and slow data transmission speeds that plague other mobile browsers. With ThunderHawk Pocket PC Edition, Web-enabled information is easy to find AND easy to read, giving you all the benefits of effortless mobile browsing anytime, anywhere.

Digital Deli Online 3.5-star rated

ReqWireless WebViewer

Reqwireless WebViewer, a capable 46kB HTML web browser for Java mobile (J2ME) devices, including support for HTML, forms, and most image formats.

Digital Deli Online 3-star rated

AvantGo, for PalmOS. And it's free.

Digital Deli Online 3-star rated

With PalmOne's Web Browser Pro, the Internet is just a tap away.View most Internet and web-based content, including email, in color with clear crisp images and text. Palm™ Web Browser Pro supports multiple Internet standards such as HTML, WML, cHTML, xHTML, SSL, JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). It's everything you want from the Internet, right on your handheld.

The browser application you used to be able to download was "Vagabond™", release version 1.0. This full-featured product claimed to run indefinitely (without cookie, bookmark, and SSL support).

ReqWireless WebViewer Carry the web in the Palm of your hand! With Plucker installed on your Palm, you can read any Internet web pages, ebooks, text-files, or other documents you want at any time, simply by converting it with Plucker's desktop tools, and sending it to your Palm for reading on your Palm handheld. If you're just into reading the latest news on your Palm, or publishing your own ebook, Plucker is, the best offline html, text file and ebook reader for the Palm platform available!

ReqWireless WebViewer Browse almost any website directly from your Palm OS device
EudoraWeb™ browser is a standard TCP/IP HTTP/HTML browser, no proxy server is required.

Digital Deli Online 3-star rated

Who archived all these old Browsers?
One of the founding members of, Adrian Roselli (or aardvark for those of you who visit the site or are on the mailing list), has provided the archive as well as its support through his company, Algonquin Studios. You can see more information at his archive announcement.

Digital Deli Online 5-star rated

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